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Evergrey - Solitude Within - A Night To Remember

Evergrey playing what i call their masterpiece : Solitude Within Extracted from their live DVD : A Night To Remember Lyrics : Cold is the air that I breath sleepless but I don't mind the rain With fear I strive but still enjoying the pain I'm awaiting the dawn as I welcome the end If you ever felt the way that I feel helpless and help is all you need In tears you try but there is no way no way you can win Solitude Within Cold but I don't mind the rain Fear of... My heart is pounding never so frightened My body's trembling I'm dying Dying Cold but I don't mind the rain Fear of Being alone again All I ever wished for was a vengeance on solitude And all I ever longed for... The presence of you Cold but I don't mind the rain Fear of being alone again Cold but I don't mind the rain fear of Solitude Within


Evergrey-"A Touch of Blessing"

This is a video from the melodic metal band Evergrey. Most of my videos are death metal but this one I decided to put up to show what else I am into. Enjoy!

Evergrey - A Night To Remember (Full DVD)

D: Por aquí dejo a Evergrey una de las bandas que me ha acompañado durante muchos años. Ahora despues de tanto tiempo dejo su DVD.

Evergrey - Broken Wings

Film by Patric Ullaeus Music by Evergrey Thanks for watching. Make sure to follow me on instagram, twitt...

EVERGREY - The Inner Circle (Limitied Edition)


Evergrey - For Every Tear That Falls (Live)

From "A Night to Remember" (Gothenburg Concert DVD) (2005) The woman singing is Carina Englund, Tom's wife.

Evergrey - I´m drowning alone

Couldnt find any version of this song with lyrics... so i just decided to make one! Great tune!

Evergrey - I'm sorry

Evergrey - I'm sorry I painted a picture of you, your soul was red and your mind was blue. Destiny laid a light on my creation. This dream I had made a slave...

Evergrey - Blinded

Video by Evergrey.

Evergrey - Broken Wings

taken from the Album: Torn (c)Steamhammer/SPV.