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Evergrey - Broken Wings

taken from the Album: Torn (c)Steamhammer/SPV.

Evergrey - The Masterplan - live BYH Festival 2007 HD Version -

Evergrey - live - with the song: The Masterplan ... ... we filmed at the Bang Your Head Festival ( Balingen 6/22/2007 ) ... from the Bang Your Head Festival ...

Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse

Monday Morning Apocalypse by Evergrey. Enjoy. Lyrics: How long have you held me in this water Much too long since my body is numb How long have I been and wh...

Evergrey - Mark of the Triangle

From their album In Search of Truth ·········· Link to buy In Search of the Truth

Evergrey - Different Worlds

"I don't wanna to be here" Lyrics: The silence awakes me My heartbeat would so easily reveal me Who am I what is left is it my mind That constantly deceives ...

Evergrey - These Scars [HQ]

I walk towards the setting sun I'll prove to them that I am one enslaved by their hearts so torn Cause their demands needs more than so And when I'm weak the...

evergrey - recreation day


Evergrey - 04 - Frozen (HQ)

The song "Frozen" from the 2011 Evergrey's Album "Glorious Collision" All rights go to Evergrey Lyrics: Everything is built from change All the things we rec...

Evergrey - Wrong