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Exhorder Biography


Exhorder was formed in 1985 and have being viewed as one of the pioneers of the "Groove Metal Sound" especially after their second album released. However, Exhorder is still first and formost a Thrash band as they are fast, angry and their songs contain some of the most crushing riffs ever to grace heavy metal. Their lyrics are raging and violent, attacking religion and discussing enjoyment in death and other dark things. Their acclaimed album, "Slaughter in the Vatican", is a premier thrash metal masterpiece. With chainsaw-guitars and some of the fastest drumming in thrash metal, Exhorder is a good old fashion metal that is always heavy and unrelenting. it has been said that they were the main reason Pantera changed from a glam band to the band they are known all over the metal scene Phil Anselmo was a huge fan of Exhorder before he joined Pantera Members: Vinnie Labella - Guitars Franky Sparcello - Bass Kyle Thomas - Vocals Jay Ceravolo - Guitars Chris Nail - Drums

Exhorder Metal Albums

Slaughter In The Vatican Thumbnail Image

Originally released in 1986, now features a 16 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos.

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