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Fantomas - Charade

When we play our charade We were like children posing Playing at games Acting out names Guessing the parts we play Oh what a hit we made We came on next to closing Best on the bill Lovers until Love left the masquerade Sad little serenade Song of my heart's composing I hear it still I always will Best on the bill Charade Sad little serenade Song of my heart's composing I hear it still GuessI always will Best on the bill Charade


Fantômas - The Director's Cut Live: A New Year Revolution - Full Show

Setlist: 01. The Godfather 02. Night of the Hunter 03. Cape Fear 04. Experiment in Terror 05. One Step Beyond 06. Rosemary's Baby 07. The Devil Rides Out 08....

Fantomas - Delirium Cordia

This is an unofficial music video for the "Delirium Cordia" record by Fantômas.

Fantômas - The Godfather

Fantômas es un grupo estadounidense de experimental-noise formado en 1998 por Mike Patton, y también incluye a Buzz Osborne (The Melvins, guitarra), Trevor D...

Fantômas - Suspended Animation (Full Album)

00:00 - 04/01/05 Friday 00:34 - 04/02/05 Saturday 02:45 - 04/03/05 Sunday 04:31 - 04/04/05 Monday 06:04 - 04/05/05 Tuesday 06:37 - 04/06/05 Wednesday 09:02 -...

Fantomas - Live @ Montreaux 2005

7 minutes of a great performance!

Fantômas - Delìrivm Còrdia

"Like The Svrgeon, The 'Composer' Slashes Open The Body Of His Fellow Man Removes His Eyes, Empties His Abdomen Of Organs, Hangs Him Vp On A Hook Holding Vp ...

Fantômas - Der Golem

The Director's Cut is an album by Mike Patton's supergroup Fantômas. All the songs are more or less recognizable cover versions of popular movie themes. This...

Fantômas 1932

Fantômas est un film fantastique français écrit et réalisé par Paul Fejos sur son scénario co-écrit avec Anne Mauclair d'après l'œuvre de Pierre Souvestre et...

Rosemary's baby by Fantômas

Song is called Rosemarys baby by Fantomas. in this video i used scenes from movie which have inspired fantomas to make this song.. Enjoy.