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Flaw Biography


The core members of Flaw formed together in January of 2000. After getting attention and going #1 on with their debut E.P. (Drama), which brought the band major label interest, the band went on to CBGB'S in Oct of the same year and showcased for several major labels. Avery Lipman with Republic / Universal invited the band to the record label the very next day and offered Flaw a major record deal, in which the band signed live on the radio the following month. In April 2001 Flaw went off to record their first major label debut at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California with world renowned producer David Bottrill (Tool, Mudvayne). After the band mixed the tracks at North Larabee Studio in Hollywood, Flaw embarked on several major tours including Mudvayne, Cold, Sevendust, Kitty, Coal Chamber, Ozzfest 2002, a European tour, two headlining tours, and a series of festivals and radio shows. The band then grabbed the number one spot on the Billboards Heat Seeker charts. Flaw was selling 11,000 records a week with around 350,000 total U.S. sales and 87,000 European sales within the first year. With great honor Flaw was featured on the cover of “The Album Network” magazine November issue. In April 2004 Flaw released their second album Endangered Species with David Bottrill at the helm once again. “Endangered Species” went on to sell 27,562 copies in the first week, but the total sales of 155,000 did not meet the labels expectations and Flaw was dropped. Soon after the members of Flaw went on to pursue different directions in their lives for approximately two years before deciding to reunite in January 2007 due to their ever loyal fan base and the bands raw love for their music and performing. Flaw decided to tour from March '07 with a welcomed sold out home town show through to September 29, '07 to give their ever growing fan base and all those who missed their live performances a taste from their first two C.D. releases. Currently Flaw is now recording their long anticipated presently untitled third album, planning to release early 2008. Flaw intends to reach millions of people around the world with the digital era and the bands undeniable sound and chemistry. Flaw decided to share some of their previously unreleased tracks from 2003 and 2004 with their most recent campaign through Zoomoozik Records, the worlds first major digital record label. With Flaws proven past and relentless fans 2008 will surely be a busy and successful year. In December 2008 a MySpace bulletin was posted by Flaw stating that all future concert dates had been canceled due to conflicts between Chris Volz and current members of the band. A short time later, it was announced that Jimmie Stallings would be the band's new bassist. On April 29th, 2009, the band posted a blog on 'their' myspace stating that Chris Volz had been kicked out of the band for excessive drinking, being drunk while performing, and for hitting his ex-girlfriend, as well as his current girlfriend. They are currently looking for a new vocalist. Chris Volz's MySpace states that he is fronting Flaw with Arny and Jurhs, two original members, as well as Andy Russ, who filled in for Daunt on numerous occassions during the reunion tour. Not to be left out, original drummer Chris Ballinger has come out and stated that while he supports Chris Volz being removed of his duties, he is not happy with the current situation involving Jason Daunt claiming rights to the band's name, which he states belongs to Ryan Jurhs, Lance Arny, Chris Volz, and himself. Ballinger also wishes to reclaim his spot as Flaw's drummer. These statements were made in late May, just after Daunt and his band members revealed on the Flaw myspace that they would NOT be using the name Flaw after they find a new vocalist. On June 26th and 27th FLAW played 2 shows (one in Warren, MI and another in Lima, OH. The lineup consisted of Arny, Jurhs, Volz, Russ and Rued... this will be the lineup (at least tentatively) for the forthcoming record in which the band is currently working on. After months of internal problems, internet rumors, and fan confusion, Volz, Arny, Jurhs, and Russ have come forward claiming that former "hired guns" in Flaw hacked the official MySpace and wrote false information regarding Volz's personal life and the band's status. They have since announced the addition of drummer Sean Rued, reclaimed their official MySpace page, and revealed that they are working on a new album, as well as playing regional dates. Flaw revealed via myspace that their new album is to be released in November though a full release date is not released yet. Song titles for the upcoming album include "Blood Red Sky", "Walls", "After All", "Voices", "Irrelevant", "Somebody's Victim", "Alive Again", and "Anybody Listening?"

Flaw Metal Albums

Endangered Species Thumbnail Image

120 gram vinyl/original artwork.A glimpse of the future, and not because of its huge influence and umpteen million sales. The poor-little-rich-boy protest ”Out ta Get Me” [...]

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”Minutes to Midnight” is rock’s most anticipated album of the year. This album redefines one of today’s most adventurous, accomplished and acclaimed bands.

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