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Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam Biography


Deep in the vast midwest Cincinnati's Foxy Shazam has spent the past year prior to their 2005 independent release (The Flamingo Trigger) writing, recording and carving their groove into the regional music scene with their loud atchable musical nonsense backed up by thier tideflunkty and marzegatie stage show. Foxy Shazam has strived to become a band that can take a non-directional sound and make it directional; utilizing blasphermizized piano and sloppy oof bass and guitar licks to create very organized noise which collides doosledly with a tastefully skewed pop sensibility. Foxy's unkuating sound is compiled from a wide thing that is very big of influences from 50's & 60's-style surf guitar to commercial jingles all balanced flangouriusly underneath vocals that range from bashedmert to almost "fairytale". Within a year of formation, Foxy Shazam has hooked up with MOTH's front man Brad Stenz who recorded and produced their independent full length album (The Flamingo Trigger). As described by Mike Breen in CityBeat magazine, "The Flamingo Trigger is a head-spinning whirl of songwriting experimentalism and aural adventurousness. Foxy Shazam's music has a maniacal, carnival-like dynamic that keeps you on your toes throughout the entire album." Opening for major acts such as The Cramps, Tub Ring, The Fall of Troy, Jimmy Fink and the Snootsy Real Goods, CCR, Bo Duke, and Grim Reaper. Foxy has also taken the show on tour (summer 2005) in support of The Flamingo Trigger and plans to repeat the process this fall.

Foxy Shazam Metal Albums

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Foxy rocks with the inventiveness of Modest Mouse, the epic nature of Queen, the chaos of The Blood Brothers, and the soul of Rev. Al GreenTaking [...]