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Gama Bomb

Gama Bomb


Gama Bomb - Thrashaholic

Album: "CITIZEN BRAIN" Ratta Facebook:

Gama Bomb - Hell Trucker

Lyrics: riding the motorway to whence I go hell is the next stop with this cargo of souls only the damned are in my boot speed metal, the floor to my foot, m...


"GAMA BOMB" [METAL IN THE FOREST 2011] ***************************** FECHA: 21/05/2011 & 22/05/2011 LUGAR: VALLE DE LAS MOJAS (...

Gama Bomb- zombie blood nightmare

Gama Bomb- zombie blood nightmare.

Gama Bomb - Beverly Hills Robocop

The Terror Tapes.

Gama Bomb live at Hellfest 2012 - FULL SHOW

Gama Bomb's set at Hellfest 2012 on Saturday June 16. Setlist: * Zombie Blood Nightmare * Slam Anthem * Three Witches * Backwards Bible * Hammer Slammer * O....

Gama Bomb - Sentenced To Thrash [HD/1080i]

Artist: Gama Bomb Track: 8 of 15 Album: Citizen Brain Year: 2008 Location: Newry, Northern Ireland Gama Bombs one of those fun loving bands that force you to...

Gama Bomb - Mummy Invasion

Taken from "Tales from the Grave in Space" (2009) 1.Slam Anthem02:34 2.New Eliminators of Atlantis B.C.03:05 3.Three Witches02:39 4.Last Ninjas Unite02:16 5....

Gama Bomb - Skeletron [HD/1080i]

Artist: Gama Bomb Track: 11 of 12 Album: Tales from the Grave in Space Year: 2009 Location: Newry, Northern Ireland (UK) Wasn't a huge Gama Bomb fan until th...