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Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray

The Gamma Ray Shuts Up

IMDB synopsis: When the wacky quartet of Tired Melvana (Melvana), Billy Two Moons (Eddi 'Melvana' Wilde), Akira Kazama (Chiharu Tezuka) and Ahmed Johnson (Reef Eater) go to a bar, they find out that the evil semi-war-lord Hyo Imawano (Kaneto Shiozawa) is up to his brainwashing antics again, putting Lee Chaolan (Ryotaro Okiayu), Judgement (nobody knows who fucking voiced this character), Bunny/Tracy (Megumi Ogata), and the perspective-defying Cycloid Beta under his evil spell. But will he succeed and escape the torment of having voice clips with loud music attached? I'm not telling yoooooouuuu. Supporting Cast: J.J. George - Minoru Inaba Kenny Rogers - Will Sasso K-Fee Zombie Some Jerk


Gamma Ray 'Hellbent' Official Lyric Video from the new album 'Empire Of The Undead'

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Gamma Ray 'Empire Of The Undead' Song 1 'Avalon'

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Gamma Ray - Man On A Mission

from 1995 masterpiece Land Of The Free.

Birth Control - Gamma Ray

Birth Control - Gamma Ray - Video @ Pearl Harbour.

Gamma Ray Heading for the East Full Concert 00:00 Lust For Life 07:42 Heaven Can Wait 12:06 Space Eater 17:36 Freetime 24:29 Wh...

Gamma Ray - Future World (Feat. Michael Kiske)

GAMMA RAY - Dethrone Tyranny / 9. 2011 [HD] *Berlin Live*

Gamma Ray with " dethrone tyranny " ( induction intro) Live - "Berlin Live" September 18, 2011 - Germany - Berlin , Trafo Kai Hansen - voc., guit. Dirk Schla...

Gamma Ray 'Empire Of The Undead' Song 10 'I Will Return'

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Beck - Gamma Ray

Beck - Gamma Ray- Modern Guilt-2008 Check out all my videos :)