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Gorod Biography


Gorod, formerly known as Gorgasm (not to be confused with the US death metal band) is a technical death metal band from France, formed in 1997. Initially started as a 3-piece, when it came time to record a demo in 2000, a second guitarist was added. Their debut full-length, Neurotripsicks, was released via Deadsun Records in 2004 under the Gorgasm moniker, but with the name change to Gorod, the album was re-released via Willowtip Records in 2005. The follow up to Neurotripsicks, Leading Vision, was released in 2006 on Willowtip Records. The band followed up with Process of a New Decline in 2009.

Gorod Metal Albums

Leading Vision Thumbnail Image

Leading Vision is the sophomore album from France’s Gorod. Continuing where Neurotripsicks left off, Leading Vision further establishes the band as one of the world’s premier [...]

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