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Great White

Great White

GoPro Video Of The Day 14/2/2013 ★ GoPro: A Blonde and a Great White Shark ★

GoPro Video Of The Day for the 14th of February 2013 ★ GoPro: A Blonde and a Great White Shark ★ Please subscribe for GoPro Video of the Day videos daily GoPro Picture Of The Day Original Video: please subscribe to them for more awesome GoPro hero 3 videos Offical Description: Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from ‪ This year on Valentine's Day, celebrate the love we have for the natural world around us. Join freediver Ocean Ramsey as she shares a quiet moment with a Great White Shark. Special Thanks to: Juan Oliphante Morgan Ball Captn. Chris Wade Check out and for more! Music Courtesy of I do not own this nor claim to own it We have no copyright infringement intended for this video or the song. If you have any issues with any please contact me through YouTube Private Messaging System. Once i am notified of you problem and have proof i will remove the video or photo immediately. Our channel is only for promotion of the artist and there Videos. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE


GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour

Close Call with a Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour! Filmed on a GoPro at Manly jump rock HOLY SH*T! Check out the next crazy video!

Great White Snaps Cage in Half | World's Scariest Animal Attacks

A Great White Shark breaks into the observation cage of two photographers. | For more World's Scariest Animal Attacks, visit

Great White Shark Attacks Inflatable Boat! (Exclusive Video)

Why does a rubber inflatable boat sink in the ocean? Because a Great White Shark has just taken a Chunk out of it! The attack took place off the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa. MaxAnimal...

Great White - Once Bitten Twice Shy

Official video of Great White performing One Bitten, Twice Shy from the album ...Twice Shy. Buy It Here: Official Website: http://w...

18-Foot Shark Attacks Cage | Great White Serial Killer - Shark Week 2013

An 18-foot great white attacks a shark cage while a diver is trapped inside. | For more Shark Week, visit

Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE Written by City News Service - A 10 foot long great white shark, hooked by a fisherman and fighting for its life, took a bite on a distance ...


Great White Shark Bites Shark in Half. A Great White Shark is bit in half by a Giant Great White Shark in the waters off stradbroke island in Australia. The ...

Great White Shark Most Terrifying Predator on the Planet (Documentary)

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), also known as the great white, white pointer, white shark, or white death, is a species of large lamniform sh...

Great White live at "Rock im Tal" festival 2012 - full concert

Full concert of "Great White" at the "Rock im Tal" Festival on June 16th 2012. Volken, Switzerland.