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Great White

Great White

Great White while diving the Duane in Key Largo, Florida with a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black.

This was my check out dive after not diving for 11 months (I guess I should point out this is normal for me. I only dive this time of year). It was the afternoon of July 27, 2013. Also first time with the GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition set to 1080p 30fps wide(wish I had it on 60fps). I was using a Polar Pro snap on filter, UK PRO GoPro Camera Pole 8 Inch, and a Princeton Tec Impact XL Dive Light. I should have shaved before because me fixing my my mask probably caused a lot of the shaking in the video. It was also my best dive ever. Good thing since it was my only dive this year. Sorry it's a little rushed after the beginning got everyone's blood pumping. We are thinking the Great White was about 13 to 14 feet long. After some testing using a 14 foot car from the same distances. I'd say he was 13 feet. Thought some might like to see how this day started out, so I uploaded a video of it. Can't get any more like glass.


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