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GWAR covers Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son"

GWAR sends off Undercover with a bone-shaking performance of Kansas' 1976 smash hit. Visit The A.V. Club: Like The A.V. Club on Facebook:

Gwar on Joan

GWAR on the Joan Rivers Show.


Order at: GWAR's "Sick Of You" from their classic 1990 album, "Scumdogs Of The Universe".

Dave Brockie live with RAWG GWAR UNMASKED July 14 2012

Dave Brockie live with RAWG GWAR UNMASKED July 14 2012 July 14, 2012 519 Punk Reunion Food Bank Fundraiser Riverside Park Guelph Ontario Matt Granger, Jim Ha...

Gwar - Dave Brockie/Oderus Urungus Viking Funeral Live at Hadad's Lake, Richmond Va. on 8/15/14

Justin Bieber Murdered in HD by GWAR

Justin Bieber is slaughtered by GWAR during their 12/29/13 show at the National by GWAR.

"Let There Be GWAR" Trailer

An exclusive trailer for the upcoming Gwar documentary delving into the band's history. More on Gwar's plans and the future of the band following lead singer Dave Brockie's death here: http://bit....

GWAR - Get into my car (Billy Ocean cover)

This is very funny. Great car horn sound effects and a different interpretation of the song :)

Gwar - Have You Seen Me?

Gwar - Have You Seen Me? from Album - America Must Be Destroyed . Video from Phalus in Wonderland.