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Him - Killing loneliness(Version 1)

My favorite version... Enjoy it! ;) ----------------------------------- WOW 1 MILLION views!!!!!! thanks everyone for watching this video ,i'm so happy that this video have reached so manyyy views ... i just hope youtube don't delete this video because i don't own it at all. In short, i would be veryyy thankful if you guys keep commenting and rating this video. (In case any menber of H.i.M might watch this video ,they'd definitely feel your support :D) PS :for all the haters. if you don't like this video then simply G***O and don't even waste your time at looking or commeting this video,otherwise i'll delete your meaningless comments ,so you are warned . And for the H.I.M fans,take a seat and enjoy watching the Video. Peace out


H.I.M. Tears On Tape Full Album

Artist: H.I.M. Album: Tears On Tape Genre: Rock Year: 2013 Label Company: Razor & Tie Track List: 1. Unleash The Red 0:00 2. All Lips Go Blue 1:07 3. Love Wi...

HIM - Join Me In Death

Music video by HIM performing Join Me In Death. (C) 2004 BMG Finland.

Texter Hits Cyclist, Almost Kills Him, & She's Sooo Annoyed

"Kimberley Davis, the Australian woman who made headlines eight months ago for saying she didn't care that she hit a cyclist while driving and texting and got annoyed that the accident damaged...

HIM - Digital Versatile Doom - Live at the Orpheum Theatre.(2008)

1. "Intro (Blood Theme)" 2. "Passion's Killing Floor" 3. "Wings of a Butterfly" 4. "Buried Alive By Love" 5. "Wicked Game" 6. "The Kiss of Dawn" 7. "Vampire ...

Narendra Modi Invites Chandra Babu To Sit Beside Him In Mahabubnagar Meet

Narendra Modi Invites Chandra Babu To Sit Beside Him In Mahabubnagar Meet.

How Pat Tillman Was Used to Promote the War that Killed Him | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin commemorates the anniversary of the death of professional football player and Army ranger, Pat Tillman, whose death by way of friendly fire was covered up by army officials to hide...

Seth Asks the Earth to Take Him Back - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth gets romantic with the planet on Earth Day. Subscribe to Late Night: ยป Get even more of Late Night with Seth Meyers:

Pour Some Sugar on Him! | YouTube Nation | Tuesday

Watch this episode in playlist mode: Watch all of the videos from today's ep. here: YouTube Nation is our new daily show that scours the web to help...

Juan Pablo Montoya - as Williams knows him

As a special preview to our upcoming interview with Monaco GP/Indy 500/Daytona 24 hour winner, Juan Pablo Montoya, Peter Windsor talks about the versatile - and volatile - Colombian with one...