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Incubus Biography


There are 7 known bands with this name 1. Incubus is a five-man alternative rock band based in Calabasas, California. Members include Brandon Boyd (vocals and percussion), Mike Einziger (guitar), Ben Kenney (bass), Jose Pasillas II (drums) and DJ Chris Kilmore (turntables). Former members of the band include Gavin Koppel (a.k.a. DJ Lyfe) (turntables) and Alex Katunich (a.k.a. Dirk Lance) (bass). The band's name may seem a peculiar choice to fans, as an incubus is a type of demon that, in mythological lore, comes in the night and has sex with women while they are sleeping; it seduces them in their dreams The story behind the name is that the band needed to think of a name hours before their first show and, after a few failed choices, Mike looked in a dictionary and chose "Incubus" almost at random. Mike says that the name was chosen because it sounded silly; Brandon holds that it was chosen because they were teenagers and the definition had the word "sex" in it. "We really didn't want to rape women in their sleep. But, we were fifteen and it seemed harmless to us then, and we never changed it," says the band. Incubus has also tried to cover their tracks by stating that they got the name from a plant in South America that produces mind-altering chemicals. However, the fabled Incubus plant does not actually exist. Incubus has released six albums and two EP's to date. There are six other lesser-known bands also named Incubus: 2. A death/thrash metal band from Metairie, Louisiana. The band was made up of Francis Howard (guitar/vocals), Moyses Howard (drums), Andre Luiz (bass), and Luiz Carlos (guitar). The two Howard brothers are actually from Brazil, and immigrated to Louisiana. This Incubus has released one demo, and two albums, with one album being remastered and re-released with a different track listing. This band has changed their name to Opprobrium. 3. A death/thrash metal band from Georgia who released one demo in 1987. The drummer, Mike Browning, went on to Morbid Angel and later Nocturnus fame. 4. A thrash metal band from São Paulo, Brazil that released 2 demos in 1986 and 1988. 5. A thrash metal band from João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil. 6. A New Wave of British Heavy Metal band that released a full-length album "To the Devil a Daughter" in 1984. Still a favorite among NWOBHM fans. 7. A death/thrash metal band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Released a demo "Sinful Dreams" in 1987. Changed their name to Spectral Birth in 1988.

Incubus Metal Albums

Monuments & Melodies (2 CD Limited Edition) Thumbnail Image

The first disc includes the band’s biggest hits including twelve Top 10 singles such as ”Drive,” ”Wish You Were Here” and ”Pardon Me”, as well as [...]

Make Yourself Thumbnail Image

Includes an enhanced component.Young, aggro, and from Los Angeles–it’s tempting to put Incubus in the already crowded category populated by Korn, System of a Down, and [...]

Morning View Thumbnail Image

Though Morning View follows hot on the heels of Incubus’s breakthrough single, ”Drive,” it doesn’t feel rushed. After all, their previous album, Make Yourself , was released nearly two [...]

Light Grenades Thumbnail Image

A rare case in which a band actually gets better with time, this California hard rock quintet seems to have finally grown into its skin on [...]

S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Thumbnail Image

Powerman 5000 first came together in the early ’90’s, and has issued such futuristic sc-fi metal classics as 1995’s ’The Blood Splat Rating System’, 1999’s million-selling [...]

A Crow Left of the Murder Thumbnail Image

Kicking in like a compellingly acrimonious version of Rush (”Megalomaniac”) before meandering through what can rather uncomfortably be termed noodly, time-signature lottery jazz-metal terrain A Crow Left [...]

Enjoy Incubus Thumbnail Image

No Description AvailableNo Track Information AvailableMedia Type: CDArtist: INCUBUSTitle: ENJOY INCUBUSStreet Release Date: 01/07/1997<Domestic or Import: DomesticGenre: ROCK/POP

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