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Iron Savior

Iron Savior

Iron Savior - Atlantis Falling live

Metal song Iron Savior website Wacken Open Air - August 7 1998 Piet Sielck - lead vocals, guitar Kai Hansen - guitar Andreas Kück - keyboards Thomas Nack - drums Jan-Sören Eckert - bass This video can be found on the Interlude Album.



1. "The Arrival" 1:08 2. "Atlantis Falling" 4:34 3. "Brave New World" 4:32 4. "Iron Savior" 4:26 5. "Riding on Fire" 4:54 6. "Break It Up" 5:01 7. "Assailant...

Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero Full Album (Deluxe) + Download link

Download here - Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero Free Download MP3 ZIP/RA...


1. "Coming Home" 5:25 2. "Starborn" 4:36 3. "Deadly Sleep" (Kai Hansen) 5:09 4. "Forces of Rage" 5:46 5. "Captain's Log" 1:02 6. "Brothers (Of the Past)" 4:4...

Iron Savior - From Far Beyond Time

Album: Rise of the Hero By the band Iron Savior, Germany Their Facebook: Unknown power metal on fb:

Iron Savior - Heavy Metal Never Dies

Iron Savior "Heavy Metal Never Dies" The Landing.

Iron Savior live in Hamburg - "Heavy Metal never dies"

05. Januar 2013 Hamburg, Knust Iron Savior / Paragon.

Iron savior - Thunderbird

great band of power metal.

Iron Savior - Dragon King - German Power Metal featuring Piet Sielck

Iron Savior - Dragon King - Taken from the album "Rise Of The Hero" (2014 AFM Records). Featuring the vocal and guitar talents of Piet Sielck.

Iron Savior - Megatropolis

Iron Savior Megatropolis.