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Iron Savior

Iron Savior


Iron Savior - Titans of our Time

Lyrics: I hold the key to ultimate dream the perfect construction a perfect machine I've designed stronger than strong an invincible force I'm the creator, I...

Iron Savior - Rise of the Hero (Full Album)

Band: Iron Savior Album: Rise of the Hero Tracklist: 1. Ascendance 0:00 2. Last Hero 1:28 3. Revenge of the Bride 6:28 4. From Far Beyond Time 11:03 5. Burni...

Iron Savior - Coming Home (The Landing 2011)

Lyrics: Lost in the dark milleniums ago Where is the place where's the place called home On fire they rode to flee from the fall Their future was doomed they...

Iron Savior - Stonecold (Interlude 1999)

Iron Savior - Stonecold (Interlude 1999) Music by Iron Savior, Power Metal group.

Iron Savior - Deadly Sleep

Album: Unification Genre: Metal Year: 1999 Lyrics: Welcome back home It's been so long we've missed you Been searching for honor and glory Out in the dark I ...

Iron Savior-Battering Ram

Iron Savior-Battering Ram.

Iron Savior - Forevermore

Lyrics: Forever More Hello, is anybody out there People can't you hear Can't you hear my cry Listen it's time to leave the nightmare I'm calling out for all ...

Iron Savior - 07 Hall of the Heroes (The Landing)

Title: Hall of the Heroes Album: The Landing Band: Iron Savior.

Iron Savior - Atlantis Falling live

Metal song Iron Savior website Wacken Open Air - August 7 1998 Piet Sielck - lead vocals, guitar Kai Hansen - guitar Andreas Kück...