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Iron Savior

Iron Savior


Iron Savior live in Hamburg - "Heavy Metal never dies"

05. Januar 2013 Hamburg, Knust Iron Savior / Paragon.

Iron Savior - From Far Beyond Time

Album: Rise of the Hero By the band Iron Savior, Germany Their Facebook: Unknown power metal on fb: https://www.f...

Iron savior - Thunderbird

great band of power metal.

IRON SAVIOR - The Savior (2011) // AFM Records

purchase on: digital download: The song "The Savior" is taken from IRON SAVIORĀ“s new album "The Landing", which will...

Iron Savior - 07 Hall of the Heroes (The Landing)

Title: Hall of the Heroes Album: The Landing Band: Iron Savior.

Iron Savior - Dragon King - German Power Metal featuring Piet Sielck

Iron Savior - Dragon King - Taken from the album "Rise Of The Hero" (2014 AFM Records). Featuring the vocal and guitar talents of Piet Sielck.

Iron Savior - Megatropolis

Iron Savior Megatropolis.

Iron Savior-Battering Ram

Iron Savior-Battering Ram.

Iron Savior - Coming Home (The Landing 2011)

Lyrics: Lost in the dark milleniums ago Where is the place where's the place called home On fire they rode to flee from the fall Their future was doomed they...