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Isis Biography


There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Formed in Boston in 1997, Isis is a band that combines ambience, atmosphere, and aggression to form a unique style of metal music. Isis draws from post-rock, which leans away from the traditional elements of choruses, verses, repetitive vocals, or fast/repetitive riffs. Compared to many post-rock bands, though, Isis displays more hardcore and sludge influence (especially in their pre-Celestial era). Frontman Aaron Turner, when posed the challenge of defining Isis, stated they were best described as "avant-garde, drone-oriented rock, but that doesn't completely cover the bases." Some fans and critics tend to label Isis as post-metal. This genre is associated with similar-sounding contemporaries such as Pelican, Cult of Luna and Rosetta. Members of Isis are active in a variety of other projects: Aaron Turner was associated with black metal supergroup Twilight (who have officialy disbanded in 2008), appears in House of Low Culture with Isis bassist Jeff Caxide, and plays in Old Man Gloom. Live guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer appears in Red Sparowes, Windmills by the Ocean, and The Gersch. 2) Isis (Omalola Isis Salami) is a canadian female rap artist that released an album in the early nineties, called "Rebel Soul". She was associated with the Blackwatch Movement, and was part of the hip-hop group Deadly Venoms She's also known under the name "Lin Que", and is working to release a new CD. She's currently part of the canadian duo Thunderheist along with Grahm Zilla. 3) Isis is a 21 year old Nigerian-born and Canadian-raised newcomer to the hip-hop scene. In less than a year, Isis has shared stages with Bahamadia, Vast Aire (of Definitive Jux), M1 (of dead prez), hip-hop band tumi, the Volume of District Six Music, and T.I. She has performed on Show Time at the Apollo and at Montreal's International Jazz Festival. Isis launched her "MySpace MyCouch" Tour, a clever set of gigs established solely through her contacts on MySpace. She recently self-released her debut album, The Last Minute EP. She also appears on the compilation album "Underground Hip-Hop Volume Four". 4) There is also a 1970s American psychedelic/progressive rock all-women band called Isis.Guitarist Carol MacDonald and drummer Ginger Bianco forged ISIS, an all-female octet of progressive funk-rock. They made three albums between 1974 and 1977 . ISIS was a great live band, capable of blissful improvisations. They needed to be seen live to be fully appreciated, where their energy and ability to draw in an audience was legendary. Concert reviews from the era show that audiences loved them. In the beginning, they shared billings with Fanny, another notable all-female band, then on Reprise Records. Invitations and tours followed with the likes of Three Dog Night, Leon Russell, the Beach Boys, Kiss, ZZ Top and Aerosmith, among others. Albums 1The debut album (1973) 2Ain't No Backin' Up Now (1975) 3 Breaking Through More about them at ISIS. 5) Isis was also the name of a 1990s Australian band. They produced three albums and had a strong local following in Brisbane. Their lyrics had a feminist, queer and social justice focus.

Isis Metal Albums

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