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Karmakanic Biography


The 90's saw the rebirth of progressive rock in the symphonic style, and bands like The Flower Kings, Spock's Beard, Porcupine Tree and Transatlantic listened to the call. Jonas Reingold, member of the world famous group The Flower Kings, wrote in the autumn of 2000 a couple of progressive masterpieces. He joined forces with Roine Stolt, Jaime Salazar, Zoltan Csörz, Johan Glössner, Göran Edman, Robert Engstrand and Tomas Bodin, all prominent members of the progressive rock family. Karmakanic was born. Their debut album, Entering the Spectra, was recorded in 2001 and it was released the 7th of October 2002. 2002 saw the birth of a new progressive band "Karmakanic". Their debut album, "Entering the spectra", became very popular among the fans of progressive rock and the established rock press around the world. Their were honoured with the prize for best newcomer 2002 in the big progressive poll DPRP, and charted several other lists as the best newcomer on the scene. 2003 Karmakanic joined forces to record the their 2nd album. With stellar performance and a stunning production they created the masterpiece "Wheel of life". Some say it sounds like Yes, others mention Dream Theater, King Crimson or even Zappa. But most people say : "That¹s Karmakanic!" Karmakanic will later this year follow the release with a tour throughout Europe. They will show to the world that this is a first class recording act that also delivers a stunning live performance that clearly spells out: "It ain´t bragging if you can back it up." Karmakanic is here to stay, remember Karmakanic. Karmakanic: Jonas Reingold: Electric and fretless bass, additional keyboards Göran Edman: Vocals Zoltan Csorsz: Drumkit Krister Jonsson: Electric and Acoustic guitars

Karmakanic Metal Albums

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Karmakanic is a side project of The Flower Kings bass player Jonas Reingold. This unique progressive rock band has already gained critical acclaim with the releases [...]

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