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Katatonia - Lethean Official Video HD

First video from the new album "Dead End Kings". /w lyrics A beautiful masterpiece. Copyrights: Peaceville Records & Katatonia Lyrics: How long Is the pattern going to speak for you How far can your voice reach Your song below the night From my view I can see you Shudder where you are standing In the vision Cyan blue Now October This time you won't be needing me To run along the freeway To weigh one's heart against the oncoming dark You left me with the pills We had plans but you couldn't make it Through the trees What took you so long The high grass What took you so long Translate the fire The venom's rush inside your heart How long can winter Colour your every word And the skyline Past the houses and the cities Hyperopia Carmine red Now This river This time I will


Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance (full album)

1- Leadres 2- Deliberation 3- Soil's Song 4- My Twin 5- Consternation 6- Follower 7- Rusted 8- Increase 9- July 10- In The White 11- The itch 12- Journey Thr...

Katatonia - Dead End Kings [FULL ALBUM] - 2012

Tracklist: 1.The Parting - 0:00 2.The One You Are Looking for Is Not Here (With Silje Wergeland) - 04:53 3.Hypnone - 08:44 4.The Racing Heart - 12:52 5.Build...

Katatonia - Dethroned&Uncrowned Full Album

Derechos de Autor copyright:

Katatonia Last Fair Deal Gone Down (full album)

Katatonia Last fair deal gone down Sweden 2001 1- Dispossession 2- Chrome 3- We must bury you 4- Teargas 5- I transpire 6- Tonight's music 7- Clean today 8- ...

Katatonia - Night Is The New Day (2009) [Full-Album]

This is NOT for promote piracy, the only purpose is sharing Tracklist: 1. Forsaker 2. The Longest Year 3. Idle Blood 4. Onward Into Battle 5. Liberation 6. T...

Katatonia - Kocytean 2014 (Full EP)

Lista De Músicas ------------ 00:00 - 01 - Unfurl 04:54 - 02 - Sold Heart 09:28 - 03 - Ashen 13:36 - 04 - Second 17:10 - 05 - Code Against The Co...

Katatonia - Lethean (from Dead End Kings)

Lethean (from Dead End Kings is OUT NOW on Peaceville Records, for more info visit For more info on Katatonia's albums on Peacevi...

Katatonia - Discouraged Ones (Full Album)

Third album by the band Katatonia and their first qualified as gothic/doom metal . Released on Avantgarde Music. Tracklist: 1. I Break 00:00 2. Stalemate 4:2...

Katatonia My Twin

The new video from Katatonia My Twin.