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Kayo Dot

Kayo Dot


Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye (Full Album) - 2003

"Choirs of the Eye" by Kayo Dot. Enjoy! 0:00 Marathon 10:13 A Pitcher of Summer 16:04 The Manifold Curiosity 30:34 Wayfarer 41:16 The Antique.

Kayo Dot - And He Built Him a Boat

Lyrics: Out of the west the evening-colored air Made a music box out of the treetops A wind harp out of the stars Velvet waters tumble out from the fountainh...

Kayo Dot - Hubardo ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: After ten years of being a band, Kayo Dot releases what might be it's gaudiest album. However, I can't help...

Kayo Dot - The Manifold Curiosity

From the 2003 album Choirs of the Eye.

Kayo Dot - The First Matter (Saturn in the Guise of Sadness)

From the 2013 album, "Hubardo," available through the band and through Ice Level Music.

Kayo Dot (Live at Backbooth + Interview)

Kayo Dot Symmetrical Arizona

Kayo Dot — Marathon (live at Oakland Metro)

August 21, 2012 More videos like this one: Like us on Facebook:

Kayo Dot - Don't Touch Dead Animals

Kayo Dot Don't Touch Dead Animals Kayo Dot/Bloody Panda Split Part one The song's begun Around and around the needle slinks And with each passing bar The cir...