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King Diamond

King Diamond

King Diamond - The Candle

First album of King Diamonds solo band: "FATAL PORTRAIT" (1986) Lyrics: [From "The Book of Jonah"] "7 Years Have Gone, It Can No Longer Be Left Undone The Candle Must Be Burn Again, And Pain Must Follow the Unholy Flame So Burn...Burn...Burn And Free the Spirit From Its Chain" Here I AM Blinded Again By That Flame In Every Candle That I Burn, Burn ! I See That Same Face Return, It Returns Eyes In Pain, My Little Queen Are You A Dream In Every Candle That I Burn, Burn ! I See That Same Face Return, It Returns [Solo: Mike] Time Has Come For You To Tell The Truth, What Shall I Do Tears Are Running From Her Eyes If She Could Only Tell Me Why, Tell Me Why [Solo: Mike] The Jonah...The Jonah In Twisted Key She Speaks A Word To Me And Then I See Her Face Falling Apart The Word "Jonah" Is Her Mark, She's Branded [Solo: Andy] BAND: King Diamond - Lead & backing vocals Andy LaRocque - Guitars Michael Denner - Guitars Timi Hansen - Bass Mikkey Dee - Drums


King Diamond - Them 1988 (Full Album HQ)

I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC, COPYRIGHT GOES TO KING DIAMOND! 1. "Out From the Asylum" - 2. "Welcome Home" 1:47 3. "The Invisible Guests" 6:22 4. "Tea" 11:27 5. "...

King Diamond - Fatal Portrait (1986) [FULL ALBUM]

Tracklist: 01-The Candle 00:01 02-The Jonah 06:49 03-The Portrait 12:09 04-Dressed In White 17:20 05-Charon 20:28 06-Lurking In The Dark 24:48 07-Halloween 2...

King Diamond "Give Me Your Soul" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Order at: King Diamond "Give Me Your Soul" iTunes:

King Diamond - Conspiracy (1989)

King Diamond's 4th Full Length Album. I do not own this. It has been uploaded for entertainment purposes.

King Diamond - Abigail Full Album.

INFORMATION (InformaciĆ³n): Songs (Canciones): Funeral. 00:00 Arrival. 01:31 A Mansion In Darkness. 06:58 The Family Ghost. 11:32 The 7th Day of July 1777. 15...

King Diamond The Candle Live at Jalometalli 2014 1080p

King Diamond performing "The Candle" at Jalometalli 2014 -festival, 8th August in Oulu, Finland.

King Diamond - The Invisible Guests (Monsters of rock ' 96)

King Diamond {interview joe franklin show 1987}

song during interview is:"Arrival" from the "Abigail" album.

King Diamond - Moscow 2013

live @ Stadium Live, Moscow, 20.06.2013 tracklist: Intro / The Candle / Welcome Home / Up From The Grave / Voodoo / Slepless Night / Guitar & Drum Solo / Sha...