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How to Kiss Dirty | Kissing Tips

Watch more How to Kiss videos: Learn how to kiss dirty from kissing expert Shallon Lester in this Howcast video. Shallon Lester: Girls, sometimes when we're kissing a boy that you like you don't want to kiss all lady like, all Taylor Swift. You want to kiss all dirty, you want to go Angelina on him. Here's how you can do it and the difference between like a nice pretty lady like kiss and like a dirty, rough, nasty kiss is very subtle. Sometimes it's in the things that you don't do. For example, let's start out nice and sweet with little kisses. Speaker 2: Nice. Shallon Lester: Yeah. - Speaker 2: Yup. Yes. Hair pull. Shallon Lester: Hair pull. Speaker 2: Amazing. Shallon Lester: A little hair pull, a little shirt action, and resisting what he's trying to give you. The definition of pleasure is not giving what you want right away. So if you could hold the man off a little bit, tease him a little bit, it will drive him crazy. Speaker 2: Crazy. Shallon Lester: And you don't actually have to do something that's like super dirty like Christina Aguilera and like her dirty like skank ass chest space. You don't need to go there. Speaker 2: It was hot though, it was hot. Shallon Lester: Ignore him. Speaker 2: OK. Shallon Lester: You can just, you can make a normal kissing situation super sexy and dirty with just a few little tweaks. What do you think boys want? Speaker 2: They want this. So the resisting was an amazing idea, so it's. - Drive her a little crazy. See how the hand just swoop down? Because she's getting a little crazy. Shallon Lester: I just can't help it. Speaker 2: Also, this is a move that I like to do that quite is the little more dirty... So just like gently touch the tongue on the bottom lip with the top lip like this. Shallon Lester: But keep the tongue soft, if it's like 1 of these like weird lizard tongues like you're trying to carve her lips out of stone. Speaker 2: Like a pumpkin, you don't want to carve a pumpkin. Shallon Lester: No pumpkin. Speaker 2: Okay, so within the kiss also the tip number 2 for me is - Shallon Lester: I didn't plan that, but if it's just there it's going to happen. Speaker 2: She enjoys it and trust me you'll enjoy it. Shallon Lester: Oh dear.



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How to Kiss Dirty | Kissing Tips

Watch more How to Kiss videos: Learn how to kiss dirty from kissing expert Shallon Leste...