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Kiss - 14.06.2013 Prague, Czech Republic - complete recording in full HD quality

HD version for free download: Another video filmed by me and I think I did a pretty good job this time! The equipment was the same as always: Panasonic HDC-SD90 camcorder and Edirol R-09HR audio recorder + external CA-14 cardioid mics. Although I had very carefully chosen my seat, I soon realized I had made a mistake because the security guy was standing 5m behind me and for some reason looking at me most of the time. It was quite an adrenaline ride and I had to film most of the concert "blindly" with the camcorder on my knee but I'm proud of the result anyway! Some seconds are blocked by two idiots in front of me who simply HAD to take photos and videos with their cheap phones and oldschool compact cameras held in my line of view. PLEASE! If you want to have memories from a concert, rely on people who actually KNOW how to take photos or shoot videos and have the equipment to do so! Don't block the view of other people just to create a 20-second blurred something. Feel free to spread this video anywhere you want as long as you keep it in original quality without any further edits. Also remember I'm a taper, not a bootlegger - so do NOT sell, just share and enjoy! P.S. The gig ended at 11:15pm, I got home at 0:45am, overdubbed and rendered the video at 3am and now I'm uploading it at 4:45am. Am I good or what! :-))) 0:00 Intro 1:37 Psycho Circus 7:25 Shout It Out Loud 10:45 Let Me Go, Rock N' Roll 18:38 I Love It Loud 22:50 Hell Or Hallejujah 27:40 War Machine 32:49 Heaven's On Fire 37:15 Deuce 42:10 Say Yeah 47:28 Shock Me 49:00 Outta This World 1:01:45 Got Of Thunder 1:06:42 Lick It Up 1:15:18 Love Gun 1:20:35 Rock and Roll All Nite 1:32:20 Detroit Rock City 1:37:08 I Was Made for Lovin' You 1:43:50 Black Diamond



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