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Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings Biography


Kottonmouth Kings are a self-proclaimed rip-hop (punk rap) group from Orange County, California. The Kottonmouth Kings officially formed in 1994, and describe themselves as "psychedelic hip-hop punk rock". Kottonmouth Kings comprise of Daddy X (the former frontman of Humble Gods and Doggy Style), Lou Dog, D-Loc, Johnny Richter, DJ Bobby B, Taxman and Pakelika, who serves as "visual assassin" for the group. The group first attracted attention with the song "Suburban Life," which appeared on the soundtrack to the film Scream 2. Kottonmouth Kings released their debut album, Royal Highness on Capitol Records in the summer of 1998. They began to gain mainstream success with the release of their third album, High Society in 2000, and toured with D12 and Bionic Jive in the fall of 2001.[1] In 2006, Kottonmouth Kings headlined at the year's Cannabis Cup and was named "Band of the Year" by High Times. DO NOT FORGET SAINT-DOG!!!!! He made that group. Oh and he's back on Sub Noize. I think..... An underground revolution against all odds and logic and always against the grain the Kottonmouth Kings continue to release ground breaking albums on their own label Suburban Noize Records. With soundscan numbers in the millions and packed houses across the country, Kottonmouth Kings have been laying the foundation of one of todays most radical music movements in America and beyond. Combining mind-bending sonics, fusing Hip Hop, Punk Rock, and soul-flavored classics, The Kings have innovated and pioneered their own sound that has set them apart from the pack. In a day and age of fast food consumerism, The Kings have proved their lasting staying power redefining the meaning of a self empowered group. In the climate of today's struggling music industry, the Kottonmouth Kings continue to thrive. The group runs the immensely successful independent record label Suburban Noize Records , which markets and distributes the Kings as well as over 20 other acts including (hed)pe , Mondo Generator, hip-hop legends X-Clan , Jada Pinkett Smith's Wicked Wisdom and Big B from A & E's hit television series Inked . In addition, the band is also involved in the vastly successful lifestyle clothing company SRH , which registers millions in sales each year. The Kottonmouth Kings also assembled one of the biggest concert grossing tours of summer with the Strange Noize Tour, which also included Tech N9ne, (hed)p.e., and some of the hottest groups in the world of underground hip-hop. The tour brought together two of America's biggest independent labels - Suburban Noize and Strange Music - for one traveling summer music festival that was completely sold out. After over a decade of cultivating a massive worldwide movement, the Kings are continue to elevate their musical vision to new heights year after year. "I think the reason so many years later the Kottonmouth Kings are still touring, putting out records, selling out places is because it's a living and breathing, tangible thing that these our fans can enjoy,” closes Brad X. "They haven't seen a single or a video on MTV; it's a real thing that they're part of. It's an underground subculture. Members: D-Loc - Vocals Johnny Richter - Vocals Brad "Daddy X" - Vocals DJ Bobby B - Turntables Pakelika - Visual Assassin / Hydro-Mechanix Lou Dog - Drums Taxman - Anti-Hero Pakelika the masked man worked as a mime in front of the world famous Hollywood Wax Museum when the band was forming… Brad "Daddy X" who over sees the production duty for all the KMK and Sub-Noize releases started off singing for the punk rock nuisances “Doggystyle” …X was also signed with another group by Easy E’s Ruthless Records…Front man for the infamous “Humble Gods” who suffered the death of two bass players “Jason Thirsk” of Pennywise fame and Bianca Butthole of Betty Bluetorch fame…Doug Carrion guitar player of Humble Gods performs all the guitar work on the KMK records…Doug also helps run Sub-Noize Records and was one time member of the Descendents and Dag Nasty… DJ Bobby B has been supplying beats and spinning in clubs for over a decade…Bobby B was at one time the DJ for the underground hip hop group, “Da Nayborhoodz” Bobby was a sponsored body boarder and is a Expert Freestyle Motocross rider, who rides with the godfather of motocross Mike Metzger who can be seen on KMK’s new lifestyle concert video “ Stoners Reekin Havoc”… When D-Loc is not spittin rhymes he is busy riding motocross, skateboarding or putting out DJ records under his alias “DJ Shaky Bonez”…pretty impressive for a kid that smokes weed all day…D-Loc was also a all county basketball stand out in high school… Johnny Richter is a high school drop-out, childhood buddy of D-Loc who was shipped around to six schools in one year before getting shipped off to boarding school, where he sang in the choir to avoid cleaning duties…Richters singing premiered on KMK new CD “Rollin Stoned” it’s the secret weapon…he’s been waiting to unleash…Richter’s flows are the foundation of the kings rhyme game…he never allows his vocals to be punched in the studio…He has a photo graphic memory and memorizes his rhymes on the spot then performs them…truly a gifted young talent…A dope slanging street hustler who raises exotic iguanas and reptiles …went from moving pounds to moving units…Richter’s party pad which was used in the filming of KMK’s first video “Suburban Life” …Had four kegs on tap and two full size Nitrous tanks…in operation at all times… Lou Dog, KMK’s drummer invented his innovative three-wheel low-rider drum kit in a stoned haze in Hollywood, CA… Lou Dog was also band mates of Brad X’s “ Doggystyle” and “Humble Gods” …Brad X and Lou Dog were partners in a production Company called “ Artist Groove Network” who promoted concerts, events, raves and clubs in LA for a decade…Some of those legendary clubs were: Truth, Orbit, Boogie Lounge, Society, Opium Den, Century Club, Roxbury, Shelter and the list goes on and on… ------------------------------------------- The Artist Groove Network was a concept to provide a platform for artist, DJ’s and musicians to make money so they could pursue their art without having to be constricted to a 9-5…Here are some interesting people that we have worked with them when they were starving artist: Tony and Gwen from No Doubt, Brian Baker form Bad Religion, Minor Threat fame, Yogi from Buck Cherry, Ron Goldman murder victim of O.J Simpson, Ricky Vodka from Motochrist and Humble Gods and countless others…AGN was also partners in the club Truth…with Steve Levy owner of “ Moonshine Music”… AGN premiered DJ Rob Harris before he was tragically killed in a skydiving accident while filming a Mountain Dew commercial. Rob was Brad X’s roommate at the time and the 1st ranked sky surfer in the world… Suburban Noize records was founded by Brad X to give underground artists a chance to put there material out to the world. The label is a close nit group of people that wish to further each others careers. SRH was founded by Kevin Zinger in the early 90s in Mission Beach, San Diego. The company promoted shows for bands like Pennywise, Sublime, 311 etc. After years of promoting clubs and concerts SRH started there clothing line to represent the style that they promted. Zinger met Brad X when he booked the Humble Gods on a Blink 182 show SRH put on in San Diego. On the first day of recording KMK, debut release of “Royal Highness” D-Loc had to be bailed out of jail on a shoplifting and possession charge…D-Loc was also sited with a possession charge, when the Redondo Beach Police raided DJ Bobby B’s home studio…They proceeded to smash Bobby B’s entire glass bong collection…hand blown and custom pieces, but they missed the grow room in the basement! Richter was also charged with a possession charge in the incident… DJ Bobby had 2 DJ records on Suburban Noize Records “99 Rips” and “Built from Scratch”…and a 3rd on the way and Bobby B is currently producing Pakelika’s solo debut also coming out on Suburban Noize Records Brad X’s brother Spike is the Corporate Avenger…X produced their full length “Freedom is a State of Mind”…Johnny Richter’s infamous VW bus is a custom detailed show car which is referenced in numerous KMK’s songs… Pakelika has worked w/ Janet Jackson Janet Jackson and was featured in “Go Deep” and “Together Again” videos…Before the KMK, Pak played Lumitor on the “ Mighty Power Rangers Tour”…Paks house is a shrine of bongs and masks. His corridors are decorated with his mask collection which people have given him through out his travels with the Kings…Pak has 4 heavy duty glad bags of mask from every KMK performance…One day Pak wishes to donate his archives to science and research development and better understanding of the long lost art form of hydro-mechanix…Pakalika currently holds the Undisputed Heavyweight Pot Smoking Championship Belt of the World…Pak ignites joints across America and beyond on Kottonmouth stages as an act of Civil Defiance and personal freedom…Pak is a street dancing legend in the club and underground culture…Pak was recently up for the featured roll in the classic ”Creature from the Black Lagoon” conflict in touring schedule kept it from happening, just a small glimpse of why Paks referred to as the “Greatest Entertainer in the Universe”… The intro of “Rolling Stoned” KMK new full length if performed by Brad X’s 3 year old daughter “Sky Blue”…who is also on the track “Sleepers” and “Light it up”…She can often be found on stage with the Kings…Brad X is married to playmate Anna Rose…a devoted yoga and holistic healer… Interlude in Rolling Stoned captured Sweet Dick Willy the vagabond street coach who connected the Kings together…Also world rewound Green Thumb and Curator of the Kings Blend Hopper performed interludes…KMK once collaborated with Incubus guitar player Mike Einziger on track “Shouts Going Out” …DJ Bobby B performed on Tommy Lee’s Methods of Mayhem Record … The Kings have shared the stage and played with the following groups: Janes Addiction, Bad Brains, 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offspring, Green Day, Pennywise, Cypress Hill, Redman and Method Man, Insane Clown Posse, No Doubt, Incubus, Moby, Papa Roach, Eminem, D-12, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, NOFX, Sugar Ray, P.O.D, SlipKnot, Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock, Rage Against the Machine and Blink 182, Fishbone, Digital Underground, Rimshot and the Alkoholiks and the list goes on and on… KMK is an institution in our American subculture and will be passed on to future generations…it is a movement and a lifestyle…

Kottonmouth Kings Metal Albums

Classic Hits Live Thumbnail Image

2007 reissue of this live album from the Norwegian Black Metal band, originally released in 1990. Features nine tracks including ’Deathcrush’, ’Carnage’ and ’Funeral Fog’. Peaceville. [...]

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