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Krallice- Forgiveness in Rot

Forgiveness in Rot is the last song on Krallice's critically acclaimed, self titled, debut album that came out in 2008 on Profound Lore Records. Krallice, featuring key members Mick Barr and Colin Martson, help prove that even us Americans can make some damn good Black Metal. The album was also released as a limited 2xLP package by Gilead Media for those who collect records. As always, support the band by seeing them live as many times as possible, and make sure to buy up some of their merch while you're there. For those not lucky enough to catch a live show, their official merch page can be found here: Purchase this CD, their newer album Dimensional Bleedthrough, shirts, etc. from there to optimize profits to the band if you don't get the opportunity to see them live. Most groups don't see any money from sales made through Amazon, etc. Also, look for a new album sometime in 2011, as announced by the band on their myspace page which really doesn't have anymore information than that. This video is posted to offer people a sample of the album and get more people interested in the band. I'm not affiliated with Krallice or Profound Lore Records, and do not look to make any bit of profit from this video. The pictures were taken from a google image search, and I do not claim to own them either. In some instances, the pictures were tweaked to my needs. If any of the photos are yours and you do not wish to have them affiliated with this video, let me know. Same goes with the song. Lyrics: Grey blood of ancient dressing stains the skin of the elder ripe.


Krallice - Years Past Matter - IIIIIIII - 2012

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Black Metal (U.S.)

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