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Krallice - Intraum (Remastered - Hi-fi) (HD)

After listening to each track of Krallice's LP catalogue, I personally felt there were some songs that deserved a boost of clarity and vibrancy. So I decided to put myself in an attempt to remaster one track from Dimensional Bleedthrough (When I say "remaster", I actually imply to flesh out the track with the use of dynamic enhancers). Eventually, I stumbled upon the song Intraum and found it to be the most compatible out of the lot. After long hours of tweaking and testing, I finally found - to what I felt - the correct balance between the dynamics and the quality of the song! Here it is!


Krallice - Years Past Matter - IIIIIIII - 2012

Krallice - Years Past Matter album 2012 available here:

Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough

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Krallice - The Clearing (new song)

New song from the American progressive black metal band. From their upcoming album "Diotima" to be released this year. Enjoy! chasms

Black Metal (U.S.)

Autochthon - Krallice


Krallice - Monolith Of Possession

Final track from Krallice's second album - Dimensional Bleedthrough. Fucking enjoy it. 12:22 be amazed.

Krallice - The Mountain

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Krallice - Energy Chasms

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Krallice - Telluric Rings

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