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Krallice - Intraum (Remastered - Hi-fi) (HD)

After listening to each track of Krallice's LP catalogue, I personally felt there were some songs that deserved a boost of clarity and vibrancy. So I decided to put myself in an attempt to remaster one track from Dimensional Bleedthrough (When I say "remaster", I actually imply to flesh out the track with the use of dynamic enhancers). Eventually, I stumbled upon the song Intraum and found it to be the most compatible out of the lot. After long hours of tweaking and testing, I finally found - to what I felt - the correct balance between the dynamics and the quality of the song! Here it is!


Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough

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Krallice - The Clearing (new song)

New song from the American progressive black metal band. From their upcoming album "Diotima" to be released this year. Enjoy!

Krallice - IIIIIIIII on bass guitar

Paying respects to one of my all time favorite pick bass players (Nicholas McMaster) from one of my all time favorite bands. This is the 3rd track off of Kra... chasms

Black Metal (U.S.)

Autochthon - Krallice


Krallice - Monolith Of Possession

Final track from Krallice's second album - Dimensional Bleedthrough. Fucking enjoy it. 12:22 be amazed.

KRALLICE Exclusive Metal Injection Interview

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Krallice - IIIIIIIII

Krallice - IIIIIII