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Kreator-Violent Revolution (High Quality)

lyrics: Society failed to tolerate me And I have failed to tolerate society Still I cant find what you adore Inside I hear the echoes of an inner war Nothing...

KREATOR - Hordes of Chaos

video comes from "Hordes of Chaos (2009)" albom.

Kreator - Extreme Aggression [FULL ALBUM] 1989

Artista: Kreator Album: Extreme Aggression Año: 1989 Genero: Thrash Metal Pais: Alemania Lista de Canciones: 1. Extreme Aggression 0:00 2. No Reason To Exist...

Kreator Dying Alive Full Concert HQ

DevilDontCryX,après ces quelques mois d'absence reviens en force avec un des plus somptueux live de Thrash Métal de cette année 2013 ! Voici pour vous chers ...

Kreator - Endorama (Full Album)

Year: 1999 Tracks: 00:00 Golden age 04:51 Endorama 08:11 Shadow land 12:39 Chosen few 17:11 Everlasting flame 22:33 Passage to Babylon 26:58 Future king 31:4...


KREATOR @ WACKEN 2011 - FULL CONCERT FROM DELUXE EDITION PHANTOM ANTICHRIST SETLIST: Wacken Open Air 2011: 1. Choir of the Damned 2. Hordes of Chaos 3. War C...

KREATOR - Violent Revolution

From the 2001 album, Violent Revolution.

Kreator - Pleasure To Kill (FULL ALBUM)

1 .Choir of Damned - 00:00 2. Ripping Corpse - 01:39 3. Death Is Your Saviour - 05:15 4. Pleasure To Kill - 09:14 5. Riot of Violence - 13:26 6. The Pestilen...

Kids Interview Bands - Kreator

Connie and Olivia interviewed Mille Petrozza of Kreator at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio on November 5, 2013.