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Kreator-Violent Revolution (High Quality)

lyrics: Society failed to tolerate me And I have failed to tolerate society Still I cant find what you adore Inside I hear the echoes of an inner war Nothing...

Kreator - Pleasure To Kill (FULL ALBUM)

1 .Choir of Damned - 00:00 2. Ripping Corpse - 01:39 3. Death Is Your Saviour - 05:15 4. Pleasure To Kill - 09:14 5. Riot of Violence - 13:26 6. The Pestilen...

Kreator - Extreme Aggression [FULL ALBUM] 1989

Artista: Kreator Album: Extreme Aggression Año: 1989 Genero: Thrash Metal Pais: Alemania Lista de Canciones: 1. Extreme Aggression 0:00 2. No Reason To Exist...

KREATOR - Hordes of Chaos

video comes from "Hordes of Chaos (2009)" albom.

Kreator East Berlin 1990 (Full Concert)

The outstanding presentation of Kreator, with the great Blackfire. A great show, one of the greatest thrash metal bands in history. see also Exodus concert 1...


KREATOR @ WACKEN 2011 - FULL CONCERT FROM DELUXE EDITION PHANTOM ANTICHRIST SETLIST: Wacken Open Air 2011: 1. Choir of the Damned 2. Hordes of Chaos 3. War C...

Kreator - Enemy Of God (High Quality)

This does not belong to me. This video belongs to the members of Kreator and those at SPV Records. Buy the album here:

Kids Interview Bands - Kreator

Connie and Olivia interviewed Mille Petrozza of Kreator at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio on November 5, 2013.

KREATOR - Dour Festival 2014 - Thank You!

A "thank you" to our Belgium Horde at the Dour Festival 2014. Expect more videos from Kreator shows, backstage footage, live shoots, drum cams and much more very soon at the Kreator Inner...