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Lazarus A.D.

Lazarus A.D.


LaZarus A D interviewed at Emos

Metal band Lazarus A.D. interviewed in Austin, TX at Emos on May 13th 2011.

Lazarus a.d NEW SONG 2012 untitled

new song from lazarus ad it doesnt have a name yet live from uaw hall in kenosha wisconsin all the rights to this song go to lazarus ad and there record comp...


Lazarus AD-The Ultimate Sacrifice (Live Feb. 10 2011 Louisville, KY)

Low quality sample. Live at the Phoenix Hill Tavern in Louisville, KY.

Revolution - Lazarus A.D. Guitar Cover

Revolution by Lazarus A.D. (c) Respective Owners. Not the best cover I know, small misstakes and misses at many places, I don't know the some parts of the so...

Lazarus A.D. Live @ Summerfest 2012 (1/3)

Lazarus A.D. the making of "Black Rivers Flow" Episode 1 - Onward March

Order at "This time in the studio, we decided to record what was going on behind the scenes during the recording of Black...

LAZARUS A.D. "Absolute Power" Live 10/31/11

Lazarus A.D. "Absolute Power" Live in Denver, CO on Oct. 31st, 2011 ~ ~

LAZARUS A.D. Interview 10/31/11

Interview with Jeff Paulick of Lazarus A.D. in Denver, CO on Oct. 31st, 2011 ~ ~