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Ligeia's Lament - Nox Arcana

By: Nox Arcana Lyrics by: Michelle Belanger Album: Blood of the Angels The bells tolled at her passing, and I wept tears of blood. The good life is so fleeting, and destiny is so cruel. My heart is tossed in a sea of pain, and I know that I am alone. She lies cold in her coffin, and all my joy flown. We were once young and happy, she was my hope and joy. Her sweet eyes were so violent, she charmed my dark brooding heart. The shade of death struck my wedding night, and stole my lovely young bride. She calls now I must join her, to sleep cold at her side. Disclaimer: I do NOT own any song or the pictures used in my videos. Everything belongs to Joseph Vargo, William Piotrowski and Monolith Graphics.


Ligeia - I've Been Drinkin' (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Ligeia - I've Been Drinkin' (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) To view in high quality click Watch In High Quality or add the following code to the end of the url in the...

Ligeia- Hoodrat

Ligeia Hoodrat from the new album Bad News.

Ligeia - Im Sorry Youre Ugly (Music Video)

Second Video From "Your Ghost Is A Gift" Lyrics: This is your brain on drugs. This is who you are now. Are you happy? Are you satisfied with the whore you've...

Edgar Allan Poe - Ligeia Audiobook Audio Book Horror Goth Gothic

Edgar Allan Poe - Ligeia Audiobook Audio Book Horror Goth Gothic.

Edgar Allan Poe_s Ligeia (2009) Part 1

Successful writer and scholar Jonathan Merrick falls under the spell of the irresistible, bewitchingly beautiful Ligeia. She's fighting a fatal illness and s...

Ligeia "The Blackout"

On the comeback as we speak. New shows popping up along the East Coast, make sure you check the band's Myspace and Facebook pages for upcoming dates.

Ligeia - Household Stereotypes HD (640*480)

HD Video (640*480) High Definition.

Ligeia-full movie

Losely based on E.A. Poe's story,modern gothic tale about femme fatale that wants to live forever. At any cost!

Ligeia - Johnny cash

Ligeia - Johnny cash I tried to warn you I should've known by now I tried to warn you I should've known Track marks in your skin are making me sick And I jus...