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Ligeia - Johnny cash

Ligeia - Johnny cash I tried to warn you I should've known by now I tried to warn you I should've known Track marks in your skin are making me sick And I jus...

Ligeia- Heart Attack

Fake that smile for one more kiss of the death you spread Face the lies 'cause tonight's your night to realize Happiness, i heard, is a heart attack for you'...

The Tomb of Ligeia - Vincent Price Legacy

The Tomb of Ligeia is a 1964 American International Pictures horror film starring Vincent Price and Elizabeth Shepherd in a story about a man haunted by the ...

Tomb Of Ligeia - Trailer

Synopsis: some years after having buried his beloved wife Ligeia, Verden Fell meets and eventually marries the lovely Lady Rowena. Fell is something of a rec...

Annihilator - Ligeia

(Track 8) This is "Ligeia" from Annihilator's Debut album "Alice In Hell"

Annihilator - Ligeia

Track: 08 Album: Alice In Hell Year: 1989.

Ligeia- I'm Sorry You're Ugly



An adaption of Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia A struggling writer, Seymour D. Raven, confronts an older famous writer for material and finds that he is in for more...

Ligeia - Household Stereotypes

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