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Liturgy Biography


There are two bands called Liturgy: 1. Liturgy are a "transcendental" black metal band from Brooklyn, New York City. The band released their first LP "Renihilation" in 2009. 2. Liturgy are a brutal death metal band from the United States. They formed in 2003 by Matti Way (Vocals, ex-Disgorge (US), ex-Cinerary) and Jamie Bailey (Bass also with Brodequin and ex-Cinerary). Jamie's brother Mike Bailey (Guitar also with Brodequin) and his friend Jon Engman (Drums, ex-Brodequin, Foetopsy) joined and the line-up was complete. The band has released "Dawn of Ash" in 2004 by the label Unmatched Brutality and are currently working on material for their second full length entitled "The Genesis Race".

Liturgy Metal Albums

Renihilation Thumbnail Image

Brooklyn, NY’s Liturgy (not to be confused with a Chicago death metal band of the same name) steeps indie black metal in the genre’s most basic [...]

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