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Lordi Live Interview with Mr. Lordi - "To Beast Or Not To Beast"

Full article with live pictures: Lordi Band facts: Origin: Finland Genre: Heavy Metal Founded: 1992 Website: Current lineup (04/2013): Vocals: Mr. Lordi Guitar: Amen Bass: Ox Keyboards: Hella Drums: Mana Discography: 1997: "Bend Over and Pray the Lord" 2002: "Get Heavy" 2004: "The Monsterican Dream" 2006: "The Arockalypse" 2008: "Deadache" 2010: "Babez for Breakfast" 2013: "To Beast or Not to Beast" Interviews, reviews and reports about metal, rock and alternative music. Interview facts: Moderator & photography: Arne Kowalewski Cut and post production: Alex Kipke Location: Markthalle, Hamburg Date: April 3, 2013 Our website: On Facebook: Video interview with Mr. Lordi about the To Beast Our Not Tour Beast 2013, the problems when starting with a new tour, the position of the musician as a modern entertainer, why there will never ever be an acoustic Lordi concert, his plans on a tribute album in the far future, old and grumpy artists, young and modern styles of music, the disorientation of most fans of popular music, the phenomenon of the Eurovision Song Contest and why the band would probably have also won it with any other song than "Hardrock Hallelujah". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Lordi live" "Lordi 2013" "Lordi 2014" "Lordi full" "Lordi concert" "Lordi unmasked" "We're Not Bad for the Kids Lordi" "I Luv Ugly" "The Riff Lordi" "Something Wicked This Way Comes" "I'm the Best" "Horrifiction" "Happy New Fear" "Schizo Doll" "Candy for the Cannibal" "Sincerely with Love" "SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic" "SCG5: It's a Boy!" "Babez for Breakfast" "This Is Heavy Metal Lordi" "Rock Police" "Discoevil" "Call Off the Wedding" "I Am Bigger Than You" "ZombieRawkMachine" "Midnite Lover" "Give Your Life for Rock and Roll" "Nonstop Nite" "Amen's Lament to Ra" "Loud and Loaded" "Granny's Gone Crazy" "Devil's Lullaby" "SCG IV" "Girls Go Chopping" "Bite It Like a Bulldog" "Monsters Keep Me Company" "Man Skin Boots" "Dr. Sin Is In" "The Ghosts of the Heceta Head" "Evilyn Lordi" "The Rebirth of the Countess" "Raise Hell in Heaven" "Deadache Lordi" "The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile" "Missing Miss Charlene" "SCG3 Special Report" "Bringing Back the Balls to Rock" "The Deadite Girls Gone Wild" "The Kids Who Wanna Play with the Dead" "It Snows in Hell" "Who's Your Daddy?" "Hard Rock Hallelujah" "They Only Come Out at Night" "The Chainsaw Buffet" "Good to Be Bad" "The Night of the Loving Dead" "Supermonstars The Anthem of the Phantoms" "Threatical Trailer Lordi" "Bring It On The Raging Hounds Return)" "Blood Red Sandman" "My Heaven Is Your Hell" "Pet the Destroyer" "The Children of the Night" "Wake the Snake" "Shotgun Divorce" "Forsaken Fashion Dolls" "Haunted Town" "Fire in the Hole" "Magistra Nocte" "Kalmageddon" "Blood Red Sandman" "Scarctic Circle Gathering" "Get Heavy" "Devil Is a Loser" "Rock the Hell Outta You" "Would You Love a Monsterman?" "Icon of Dominance" "Not the Nicest Guy" "Hellbender Turbulence" "Biomechanic Man" "Last Kiss Goodbye" "Dynamite Tonite" "Monster Monster" "13 Lordi" "Playing The Devil Lordi" "Bend Over and Pray the Lord" "Cyberundertaker Lordi" "Steamroller" "Almost Human" "Paint In Blood" "Death Suits You Fine" "I Am The Leviathan" "Take Me To Your Leader" "Monstermotorhellmachine" The Dead Are The Family" "White Lightning Moonshine" "With Love And Sledgehammer" "Get Heavy Lordi" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More video interviews: All alternative & rock interviews: All metal interviews: All hard rock interviews: Metalcore, hardcore and screamo: CD-Reviews: Progressive metal: Death metal: Power and speed metal: Gothic and dark metal: Thrash metal: Folk rock and folk metal: Symphonic metal: Punk: Heavy metal: NDH: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Terminator 3 Tonda655.