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Mahogany Rush

Mahogany Rush

Mahogany Rush Biography


Mahogany Rush is a Canadian rock band led by guitarist Frank Marino. The band had its peak of popularity in the 1970s, playing such venues as California Jam II together with bands such as Aerosmith and Heart. Lead guitarist, vocalist, and bandleader Marino says the name Mahogany Rush was less a band name and more a description of the experience of taking LSD. Members have included bassist Paul Harwood, drummer Jimmy Ayoub, and guitarist Vince Marino (Frank's brother); the band has continued with other members, always under Frank Marino's leadership. After a long absence, the band announced plans to tour in the United States in October of 2006. Discography: * 1972 Maxoom * 1974 Child of the Novelty * 1975 Strange Universe * 1976 Mahogany Rush IV * 1977 World Anthem * 1978 Live * 1979 Tales Of The Unexpected * 1980 What's Next * 1981 The Power of Rock & Roll * 1982 Juggernaut * 1987 Full Circle * 1988 Double Live * 1992 From The Hip * 1997 Dragonfly-Best of Mahogany Rush * 2000 Eye of the Storm * 2003 RealLIVE! External links: * Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Official Fan Page From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mahogany Rush Metal Albums

Child of the Novelty / Maxoom / Strange Universe Thumbnail Image

1995 release on Big Beat featuring the first three albums bythis Hendrix-influenced Canadian heavy metal trio, includingthe first legitimate appearance on CD of their rare & [...]