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Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation


Taken from: "Stillborn" (1993) Intrusion,truth twisted,accepting Degraded,up-ended,Besieged lie Gratified,careless dying,powertrip No obstruction,guiltlessness,consious dead Geared for gain Hoarding everything you want Nothing in your way Squandering everything your soul Remains empty Hoarding everything you want Nothing in your way Squandering everything your soul Geared for gain Breaking souls Selfishness feeds your head,fills your need Tormenting,soul-breaking acquired gain Everything has a price,including life Passed down,generation explotation Gain,gain Breaking lives,breaking souls Taking pleasure,in acquiring all Garnish fool,knows no wrong Amused by suffering,explicated sin Inside the brain,undisciplined Drawn to pain,geared for gain


Malevolent Creation - The Fine Art Of Murder (full album)

Malevolent Creation - Live at the Underworld, London June 20, 2012 FULL SHOW

Malevolent Creation play their set at the Underworld in London on 20th June, 2012. It was the second best gig I've ever seen from them, really worth to check...

Malevolent Creation - Eve of the Apocalypse - Hellfest 2011 (áudio: Australian Onslaught)

O áudio original ficou péssimo. Sincronizei com o som do "Australian Onslaught" para salvar as imagens e vcs terem noção do que foi o show desses caras.

Malevolent Creation - Divide And Conquer

One of the best Malevolent Creation songs.

MALEVOLENT CREATION - "Blood Brothers" & "The Will To Kill" Party San 2007 (OFFICIAL LIVE)

Official live for Malevolent Creation "Blood Brothers" from 'Manifestation' and "The Will To Kill" from 'The Will To Kill.' SUBSCRIBE to Malevolent Creation ...

Malevolent Creation - Dead March

Intro to the 2004 MC Album "Warkult" Lyrics: Throughout the history of mankind Millions have lost their lives On the fields of combat For mans quest of supre...


Official behind the scenes for Malevolent Creation 'Invidious Dominion.' SUBSCRIBE to Malevolent Creation YouTube: SUBSCRIBE t...

Malevolent Creation - Malevolent Creation

Awaken in sweat, my skin chilled and cold. May have seen my own death, but can't see what I know. Attemp to piece it together, illusions of the mind. Dark st...

Malevolent Creation - Eve Of The Apocalypse [HQ]

For some reason, 360p has better audio than 480p in some videos... This being one of them. Band: Malevolent Creation Song: Eve of the Apocalypse Album: Retri...