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Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation

2013 Titans Cypher - Just Chris

Calling out Panic... Finally got a cam last week, so no more picture videos. Video quality isn't the best, but neither is my internet connection so I had to scale back to make it a manageable size. Like my Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: @Just_Chris309 Lyrics: Ain't gonna be over looked for much longer Every time I spit it the force just gets stronger Plus I'm so high I'm looking down on flying saucers Land back on earth and then I turn into a monster Soon as I enter the booth the skills evident Plus I'm always tellin the truth it's never edited I was born in a lab in a bad experiment Malevolent creation of preeminent geneticists Demon by the name of Chris you shouldn't try and test me You wanna be my friend, I need weed, cash and Pepsi A fifth of Patron, a microphone and an MP I'll write a whole album before the bottle is empty Was told that I should know the ledge, never see me talk to feds Snitches waking up with horses heads with em in their beds Me myself I'm fucking sick, like I escaped from Briarcliff Overdoing shit like dropping bombs to get a fire lit That's about the size of it there's something wrong inside of me The only peace I know is the one that this weed providing me I haven't felt the same since Amy done passed away I wanna cry me a river and float away from the pain But I can't gotta stay strong for the family Heart of a lion I'll battle any calamity Brain of a nut case killing it in one take Beat's about to stop so the flow I gotta truncate Hoping that my now you recognizing I'm a titan Kinda like the Phillies that I put my weed inside of Before I'm out, let me give you rappers some advice Kill yourself after you kill everyone who thinks you nice.


Malevolent Creation - Dominated Resurgency (HQ)

Artist: Malevolent Creation Album: Stillborn (1993) Song: Dominated Resurgency Lyrics: lust, lust, lust lust, lust, lust No fear of touch In its sadistic arr...

Malevolent Creation - Eve Of The Apocalypse [HQ]

For some reason, 360p has better audio than 480p in some videos... This being one of them. Band: Malevolent Creation Song: Eve of the Apocalypse Album: Retri...

MALEVOLENT CREATION - Blood Brothers & The Will To Kill (Live Party San 2007)

Blood Brothers & The Will To Kill (Live Party San 2007) CM DISTRO: NB USA WEB SHOP: http://store.nuc...

Malevolent Creation - Slaughter of Innocence HD

Band: Malevolent Creation Country: USA Active: 1986 - Present Album: Retribution Year: 1992 Genre: Death Metal Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the ...

Malevolent Creation - Malevolent Creation

Awaken in sweat, my skin chilled and cold. May have seen my own death, but can't see what I know. Attemp to piece it together, illusions of the mind. Dark st...

Malevolent Creation - Conquering South America ( Full Live-Album) HD

All Rights To Malevolent Creation Line-Up: Kyle Symons Vocals Phil Fasciana Guitars Rob Barrett Guitars Gordon Simms Bass Tony Laureano Drums Setlist: 1. Eve...

Malevolent Creation - Impaled Existence

Passing of black, looms over the entity, Ill omen surrounding all positive thought. The words of pain trickling off his tongue, To hear him say this world is...

Malevolent Creation - Kill Zone

MalevolentCreation - Kill Zone created live.

Malevolent Creation - Manic Demise