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Manegarm Biography


This is a wrong tag for Månegarm. Correct your tags IMMEDIATELY! Månegarm is a Swedish Viking metal band from the town of Norrtälje. The name of this group comes from Norwegian mythology, from Mánagarmr, which is one of the names wolf Hati. The band has existed since 1995, when it was founded Svenne Rosendale, Jonas Almquist, and Pierre Wilhelmsson. After you find additional guitarist (Mårten Matsson) and drummer (Erik Grawsiö) began to rehearse under the name "The Beast". In 1996 the name changed to Månegarm under which to act now. For dovute its existence went five full studio albums, plus one compilation and one EP and two demos. As regards the themes of their texts are about paganism, viking history and tradition.

Manegarm Metal Albums

Vargstenen Thumbnail Image

The leading Swedish Viking metal act Manegarm unleashes their 6th opus!

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