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Manegarm - Segervisa (Beowulf)

My first videoclip. Music: Manegarm - Segervisa Video: Beowulf [Translate to English:] Many were those who fell. All the more round the laden table of Valhalla. A song of mourning I give to them. Those who went to the embrace of shield maidens. Reminiscence and tears to those who went hence. Who now gaze by the gates of Asagard. Memories and songs will soon be sung. By the fire in times of feasting. We who sit here raise our drinking horns. To those who sit at the table of the Father of All. Together we drink to victory. And to One-Eye wise. Here in the halls of the king. We drink to yield and peace. Grief we carry no more. We indulge in joy and intoxication.


Manegarm - Dödsfärd (Full Album)

Pagan Folk Metal 2003 Sweden 1. Intro 2. I Evig Tid 3. Ravenous 4. Ägirs Vrede 5. Dödsfärd 6. Fimbultrollet 7. Daudr 8. Vrede 9. Pagan War 10. Ursjälens Visd...

Månegarm - Hemfärd

The song "Hemfärd" by the Swedish metalband "Månegarm". The picture is a random viking picture since Månegarm play's vikingmetal, it has nothing to do with t...

Månegarm - Vredens Tid (2005) [Full Album]

Månegarm - Vredens Tid (2005) [Full Album] 1. Vid Hargen 2. Sigrblot 3. Skymningsresa 4. Kolöga Trolltand 5. Dödens Strand 6. Preludium 7. Vredens Tid 8. Svu...

Månegarm - Vetrarmegin

This is the brand new video from Månegarm entitled "Vetrarmegin" The track is taken from the album "Nattväsen" released through Regain Records 19th November ...

Månegarm - Nattsjäl, Drömsjäl (with lyrics)

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MÅNEGARM -- Sons of War (Full Length Track) | Napalm Records

The limited digipack & bonus and shirt can be pre-ordered here : The time has come to pick up the sh...

Månegarm - Dödens Strand

Månegarm - Dödens Strand.

Manegarm - Vargstenen

Title track from this amazing Pagan Metal album! Audio only.

Månegarm - Sigrblot (official music video)

The official music video for Månegarm's Sigrblot from the album Vredens Tid (The Age of Wrath)!