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Manowar - The Lord of Steel (Full Album)

01.- The Lord Of Steel (00:00) 02.- Manowarriors (04:05) 03.- Born In A Grave (08:35) 04.- Righteous Glory (13:37) 05.- Touch The Sky (19:22) 06.- Black List...

Manowar "Louder Than Hell" -1996- Full Album

Octavo album de estudio de los reyes del metal Tracklist : Return Of The Warlord (00:00) Brothers Of Metal (05:19) The Gods Made Heavy Metal (09:14) Courage ...

Manowar - Die For Metal (Music Video)

The new single from Manowar! Awesome video!

Manowar — The Triumph of Steel 1992 (full album)

1. "Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts Prelude I. Hector Storms the Wall 0:00 II. The Death of Patroclus 03:08 III. Funeral March 04:55 IV. Armor of ...

Manowar - Heart Of Steel

Artist Info: Song Info: Artist: Manowar Album Title: Kin...

Manowar - Master of the Wind lyrics

Die Lyrics des Songs 'Master of the Wind' von Manowar... Ich besitze keine Rechte an diesem Lied.

Manowar-Fighting the World (Full Album) (1987) {HQ} (Burned From Original CD from 1987)

1. Fighting the World-00:00 2. Blow Your Speakers-3:53 3. Carry On-7:36 4. Violence and Bloodshed-11:55 5. Defender-15:55 6. Drums of Doom-22:00 7. Holy War-...

Manowar - Gods of War (Full Album)

01.- Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors - 0:00 02.- The Ascension - 06:19 03.- King of Kings - 08:50 04.- Army of the Dead, Part I - 13:08 05.- Sl...

Manowar - Die for Metal HD music video

For the first time anywhere in HD, this is the only place you can see Die for Metal in HD.... direct from the Director of Manowar's DVDs. Courtesy of Magic C...