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Anunnaki Gods- Marduk the God of Hammurabi, Cyrus and the Israelites?

This is a comparative view of the God over Hammurabi, Cyrus the Great, And the Israelites God. In this video I am explaining how Cyrus the Great proclaims his God Marduk, to be the one who sent him in to take Babylon, through his own word from his Cylinder seal; Which is in the British Museum. I compare this with what has been written in the Jewish texts of Isaiah, The book of Jeremiah, and specifically in Ezra, which explains Cyrus' own words in the Bible; of who the God is that told Cyrus to lead the people out of Exile, and back to their own homeland. A most extrordinary thought of who is who in this video. I hope you all enjoy. I will be uploading another video on this subject, as I will read from the Cylinder seal of Nabonidus himself, and the book of Daniel; As these people were all there at the same time. Isaiah 44:23-28 Ezra 1:1-10 Jeremiah 25:11-12. Most interesting. :)


Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk [Full Album]

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ARTIST : Marduk GENRE : Black Metal ALBUM : Nightwing YEAR : 1998 LABEL : Osmose Productions LINEUP: Legion : Vocals Morgan : Guitars B. War : Bass Guitar Fr...

Nibiru Anunnaki Return Marduk leads 91 World Leaders in Africa Sun Temple December 16th

Marduk Spacecraft detected in April 2013 (Covered Up) 91 world leaders meet (Anunnaki) at the sun temple monument Pretoria in Africa with their leader Markdu...

Satan's Rebuilt Kingdom - Marduk Returns

Lucifer is the temporary 'god' of this age with his New World Order on the brink of full realization...his newest kingdom, however, is about to be destroyed ...

MARDUK - Temple of Decay (Live - HD - Agglutination 2013 - Italy)

Paolo "ossarotte dir" presents: MARDUK aug 10, 2013 live @ Agglutination Festival XIX - Senise (PZ) Italy ----- Song: "Temple of Decay" from the 12th studi...

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Marduk - Coram Satanae

From album "Serpent Sermon"

Marduk - Serpent Sermon(Full Album)

1. Serpent Sermon - 0:00 2. Messianic Pestilence - 4:38 3. Souls For Belial - 7:29 4. Into Second Death - 12:15 5. Temple Of Decay - 17:26 6. Damnation's Gol...

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