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Marduk - Dracul Va Domni Din Nou

Marduk-Steel Inferno

A video clip from this sweedish ultra-blasphemous band.

Bel Marduk

Marduk is the noble and courageous son of Enki who sought to restore the rightful rule of his fathers bloodline which had been transgressed by the oppressive...

Marduk - "Here's No Peace" Ep'1997 (Full Ep)

Marduk - Here's No Peace Ep'1997 Black Metal Sweden 1.Here's No Peace 2.Still Fucking Dead 3.Within the Abyss.

MARDUK - Voices From The Dark Tour 2013

MARDUK - Voices From The Dark Tour The Chance Theater (Feb 21, 2013) Related links; https://ww...

ISON is a spacecraft housing MARDUK/ OSIRIS/ Fallen Angelic Hosts Landing in South Africa 16/12/13

Mirrored from "theecountdownbackup" The time of Enoch is NOW. Beware coming deception... They are EVIL entities. BEWARE COMING DECEPTION

MARDUK - Souls For Belial - (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - HD

"Souls For Belial" will be included on MARDUK's upcoming studio album "Serpent Sermon" which will released through Century Media Records in late May. Video m...

Marduk - Serpent Sermon

Title track of new Marduk album Our mastema is vast - even in the house of God Ever present - within and so without Reversed life-force channeled into prayer...

Marduk - Echoes From The Past

Marduk Echoes From The Past Those Of The Unlight.