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Marduk - Serpent Sermon(Full Album)

1. Serpent Sermon - 0:00 2. Messianic Pestilence - 4:38 3. Souls For Belial - 7:29 4. Into Second Death - 12:15 5. Temple Of Decay - 17:26 6. Damnation's Gol...

Marduk - Dark Endless (full album)

1. Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace) 03:55 2. The Sun Turns Black as Night 03:05 3. Within the Abyss 03:45 4. The Funeral Seemed to be Endless 03:36 5. De...

Bel Marduk

Marduk is the noble and courageous son of Enki who sought to restore the rightful rule of his fathers bloodline which had been transgressed by the oppressive...

Marduk - Dracul Va Domni Din Nou

Marduk-Steel Inferno

A video clip from this sweedish ultra-blasphemous band.

Marduk - "Here's No Peace" Ep'1997 (Full Ep)

Marduk - Here's No Peace Ep'1997 Black Metal Sweden 1.Here's No Peace 2.Still Fucking Dead 3.Within the Abyss.

ISON is a spacecraft housing MARDUK/ OSIRIS/ Fallen Angelic Hosts Landing in South Africa 16/12/13

Mirrored from "theecountdownbackup" The time of Enoch is NOW. Beware coming deception... They are EVIL entities. BEWARE COMING DECEPTION

MARDUK - Voices From The Dark Tour 2013

MARDUK - Voices From The Dark Tour The Chance Theater (Feb 21, 2013) Related links; https://ww...

MARDUK - Souls For Belial - (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - HD

"Souls For Belial" will be included on MARDUK's upcoming studio album "Serpent Sermon" which will released through Century Media Records in late May. Video m...