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Megadeth - Super Collider ( FULL ALBUM ) With Tracklist

Pc: ------------ Metal in This World ------------ Mobile: Tracklist: 1- Kingmaker 00:00 2- Super Collider 04:09 3- Burn! 08:12 4- Built For War 12:22 5- Off the Edge 16:18 6- Dance In the Rain 20:24 7- Beginning of Sorrow 25:07 8- The Blackest Crow 28:57 9- Forget To Remember 33:21 10- Don't Turn Your Back... 37:50 11- Cold Sweat 41:30 12- A House Divided 44:37 13- All I Want 48:42 Tags: "megadeth" "megadeth symphony of destruction" "megadeth tornado of souls" "megadeth a tout le monde" "megadeth holy wars" "megadeth hangar 18" "megadeth peace sells" "megadeth in my darkest hour" "megadeth trust" "megadeth live" "megadeth paranoid" "megadeth live 2012" "megadeth live 1992" "megadeth live in italy 1992" "megadeth live sofia" "megadeth live in italy 1992 full concert" "megadeth live hd" "megadeth live 1990" "megadeth live full concert" "megadeth live 2012 full concert" "megadeth live full" "megadeth super collider don't turn your back" "metallica" "metallica nothing else matters" "metallica master of puppets" "metallica one" "metallica fade to black" "metallica enter sandman" "metallica unforgiven" "metallica the day that never comes" "metallica fuel" "metallica live" "metallica full album" "metallica full concert" "metallica full concert hd" "metallica full concert 2012" "metallica cover" "metallica new album" "james hetfield" "james hetfield solo" "james hetfield funny" "kirk hammett" "kirk hammett solo" "lars ulrich" "metallica live" "metallica live 2012" "metallica live seattle 1989" "metallica live udine 2012" "metallica live nimes" "metallica live moscow 1991" "metallica live hd" "metallica live seattle 1989 full concert hd" "metallica live mexico city dvd 2009" "metallica live nimes full concert hd" "metallica live udine 2012 full concert" "metallica rock in rio 2012" "metallica rock in rio 2011 full hd" "metallica rock am ring 2012" "metallica rock am ring 2012 hd" "metallica rock am ring 2012 nothing else matters" "metallica rock am ring 2003" "metallica rock am ring 2008" "metallica rock am ring 2006" "metallica rock and roll hall of fame 2009 ita" "metallica rock and roll hall of fame" "metallica rocksmith" "metallica concerto completo" "metallica concert" "metallica concert hd" "metallica concert full" "metallica concert full hd" "metallica concert full 2012 hd" "metallica concert full hd san diego" "metallica concert full 2012" "metallica concert full 1989" "metallica live hd full concert" "metallica live hd 2012" "metallica live seattle 1989 full concert hd" "metallica live seattle 1989 full concert" "metallica live seattle 1989 master of puppets" "metallica live seattle 1989 hd" "metallica live seattle 1989 battery" "metallica live seattle 1989 creeping death" "metallica live seattle 1989 one" "metallica live san diego 1992" "metallica live sanitarium" "metallica live san francisco orchestra" "metallica live san francisco 2011" "metallica quebec magnetic" "metallica quebec magnetic dvd" "metallica quebec magnetic 2012" "metallica quebec magnetic bonus" "metallica quebec magnetic nothing" "metallica quebec magnetic trailer" "metallica quebec magnetic sad but true" "metallica quebec dvd" "metallica quebec 2012" "metallica quebec live" "metallica nothing else matters official video" "metallica nothing else matters lyrics" "metallica nothing else matters live"


Megadeth - Super Collider [Full Album 2013]

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