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Melechesh Biography


Melechesh is a black metal band that originated from Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Ashmedi started the band as a solo project in 1993. In the following year, guitarist Moloch and drummer Lord Curse were added to the line-up. The bands' goal was to create a type of Black Metal incorporating extensive Middle Eastern influences (both musical and lyrical), or in the band's own words: "Mesopotamian Metal". The band's release of the EP The Siege Of Lachish and the official demo As Jerusalem Burns...Al'intisar in 1995 attracted attention from both underground metal fans and local authorities. Melechesh were accused of "dark cult activities" by the law enforcement authorities of the city of Jerusalem. The charge was eventually dropped. In 1996, newly recruited bassist Al'Hazred completed the line-up. During that year, As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar was released as their official debut album. Due to the lack of concert opportunities and promotion difficulties, the band members were forced to relocate to France and the Netherlands in 1998. Lord Curse remained in Jerusalem, thus requiring the band to recruit a new drummer. Absu's drummer Proscriptor soon filled the vacant position. From that point on, Melechesh have released two full length albums: Djinn (2001), dealing with Arabian mythology, and Sphynx (2003), dealing with Mesopotamian / Sumerian mythology. In 2006, the band recorded their fourth album Emissaries which was released by Osmose Productions. Although Xul had replaced Proscriptor as the band's full time drummer in 2005, the ex-drummer has re-released The Siege of Lachish on his label Tarot Productions in 2007. Very often Melechesh are mistakenly considered israeli, or mistakenly thought of as band that uses Egyptian themes meanwhile neither facts are true.

Melechesh Metal Albums

Sphynx Thumbnail Image

Third album containing 11 tracks including 1 bonus track, ’Babylon Fell’, is an amazing effort…extreme & mystical. Osmose. 2003.

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