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Meliah Rage

Meliah Rage

Meliah Rage Biography


Meliah Rage was formed in Boston in 1985 and attracted the attention of Epic Records, who released their first two albums along with a live EP. Though their music was strong (a powerful thrashy metal style in the vein of prime Metal Church), they didn't seem to get the push one might have expected given their major label status, and thus they faded from view. In 1992 an album/demo was recorded with a new rhythm section featuring none other than Godsmack frontman Sully Erna on drums, but it went unreleased, and it was not until 1996 that, with another new rhythm section, Death Valley Dream was released. In 2003 the aforementioned 1992 recordings were unearthed and released under the title Unfinished Business. Additionally, the band is officially reunited, with a new lineup as shown below, and a new album, Barely Human, released in 2004. from Bnrmetal

Meliah Rage Metal Albums

Kill to Survive Thumbnail Image

There’s little doubt that this two-volume concert and documentary package will appeal to die-hard Metallica lovers–given its more than three-hour length (two and a half for [...]

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