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Metal Church

Metal Church

Metal Church - Masterpeace [Full Album]

Band: Metal Church Album: Masterpeace Country of Origin: United States of America Release Date: July 22nd, 1999 Label: Nuclear Blast Playlist: 1. Sleeps with Thunder 00:00 2. Falldown 06:01 3. Into Dust 10:38 4. Kiss for the Dead 14:54 5. Lb. of Cure 21:44 6. Faster Than Life 26:17 7. Masterpeace 31:08 8. All Your Sorrows 33:03 9. They Signed in Blood 38:44 10. Toys in the Attic (Aerosmith cover) 46:11 11. Sand Kings 49:25 Total Length: 54:03 I approached this album with much anxiety and anticipation, as I liked previous Metal Church albums. This album somewhat disappointed me as I can only recall two or three songs that I actually enjoyed. The first song, "Sleeps With Thunder," is one of the songs that stood out for me, and is also one of the highlights of the album. Great chorus and nice drum work, make this song a fine listen. As you progress through the album, the songs get weaker, except for the fifth and eight songs, "Lb. For Cure" and "All Your Sorrows" respectively, which I liked due to the fact that they were comparably heavier then the rest of the songs, and somewhat memorable. The song "Falldown" has a decent chorus, but it does have a cheese factor. Now, I listen to some of the Flower Metal, such as Sonata Arctica, but you can't sing, We Allllll Falllllll Doooowwwnnnn, without sounding like an idiot. Metal Church can do much better than "We All Fall Down." The other songs are decent, but like I said before, they're nothing too special. What really pissed me off was the fact that the title track, "Masterpeace," Was a crock of shit. No, it wasn't even that it was corny, or cheesy or badly produced or anything else of that nature, it was a fucking acoustic bullshit track for a minute and 54 seconds. I was expecting a bang-your-head-to-guitar-drum-bass-vocal-assault, but what I got was a waste of my time. Well I say, fuck you David Wayne, Masterpeace my ass. Now I know what you're saying, it's just one song. May I remind you that it's supposed to be a metal album, and when you call an album or a song "Masterpeace" I, at least, expect something decent. Instead I got three or four songs that I can listen to and the rest are fillers without a personality. The last song "Sand Kings," is a highlight as well, comparable to the first track. Although the lyrics are a tad cheesy, they are entertaining to sing along to and offer an enjoyable experience. The fact that the first and last tracks are the most memorable and the best to listen to does not help the album, as most of the other songs lack what the first and last tracks have, which is individuality. Sure you can sing along to some of them, but in the end they're just bland and boring. This album is a lot weaker than the other Metal Church albums, and less than what I expected. Overall it is tolerable to listen to, but nothing to rush out to the store for. If you're a big Metal Church fan, this will be enough, as it does offer some good tracks, but overall it just doesn't make the cut, and I doubt it will be in your cd player very often. - Reaper, August 6th, 2004 DISCLAIMER: All right reserved to their respective owners. I don't own this. I don't get money or any kind of benefits from this.


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