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Misery Signals

Misery Signals

Misery Signals Biography


Guitarist Ryan Morgan and bass player Kyle Johnson had no intention of slowing down after the shocking split of 7 Angels 7 Plagues during the summer of 2002. Things were finally coming together for the band, and having just decided to quit school and work, Ryan and Kyle weren't about to switch gears any time soon. That very week they were hard at work writing songs for their new project, and later that month with the addition of Hamartia's Jeff Aust on guitar, Jesse Zaraska of Compromise on vocals, and Ryan's brother Branden on drums, Misery Signals was formed. Jeff Aust eventually left the band, cutting their spring 2003 tour short, they added Stu Ross on guitar and re-solidified their lineup. They are once again an insane touring machine. In January 2006 Misery Signals announced that vocalist Jesse Zaraska had parted ways with the band too. Few bands can turn adversity on its head the way Misery Signals has. Following the departure of founding vocalist, Jesse Zaraska, the band rebounded in style by finding the perfect replacement in Karl Schubach. Schubach was part of an open audition that had hopefuls recording their vocals on an instrumental track available on their myspace page. The fact that Schubach is a guitarist by trade and has never sang in a band before makes the story even more remarkable. Commenting on the new guy, guitarist Ryan Morgan comments “Karl has a monstrous voice perfect for what people have enjoyed from the band in the past.” Similar to 7 Angels 7 Plagues in style, Misery Signals play fast and heavy hardcore, tinged with brilliantly melodic interludes and transitions that converge into poignant masterpieces appealing to both the ear and the heart. Their debut 6-Song EP is a 25-minute personal and heartfelt journey through the heart and character of each of these determined musicians. This record showcases the desire and desperation of the group as a whole to persist and create in the wake of the demise of their respective bands. Misery Signals provides an outlet to express the anguish and hopefulness that drives its members, while producing a cathartic experience in listeners. Misery Signals have released three full length albums on Ferret Records: Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (2004), Mirrors (2006), and Controller (2008). Date of Inception: September 1st, 2002 Date of Commencement: November 11th, 2002 CURRENT LINE-UP Karl Schubach [vocals] - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Kyle Johnson [bass] - Racine/Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. Branden Morgan [drums] - Madison, Wisconsin, U.S. Ryan Morgan [guitar] - Madison/Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. Stuart Ross [guitar] - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Misery Signals Metal Albums

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Old black-metal practitioners never die, but their puns get slightly whiffy. Incineratehymn finds vets Deicide listlessly picking through the same old pile of bones, a shadow of [...]