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The Cult of Mithras

BBC4's In Our Time looks into the mystery religion Mithraism. Link to In Our Time website: From the website: "Melvyn...

Comparative Mythology: Jesus, Mithras and Osiris

This is from a documentary called "The Hidden Story of Jesus".) Similarities between Jesus, Mithras and Osiris.

Mithras - Lord of the Cosmos

Documentary looking at the mysteries of Mithras. Ancient Roman religion, or the basis for all Christian religion?

The Origins of Christianity Mithras The Persian Religion ریشه های مسیحیت میترا دین و مذهب

The Hidden Story of Jesus Religion Documentary This video is for those Christians who dare to deny any similarities between Christianity and pagan religions ...

Church of Rome, Mithras, and Isis?

Dr. Thiel is in Vatican City and points to a variety of symbols and displays there and explains where some of them seem to have originated from. Specifically...

The Mysteries of Mithras

Payam Nabarz is interviewed by Dr Robert Beckford, filmed by Juniper TV in Museum of London. The video gives an overview of some aspects of Mithraism, the an...

Jesus and Mithras Myth

Interview with Lee Strobel. Strobel shows that the Mithra Myth is in no way parallel to Jesus of Nazareth.

SECRETS - Sator Square and the Saturn, Mithraic Mysteries!!!

Mithraic Mysteries the Sator Square and the Saturn.

Lord and Saviour -- Mithras!

For almost four centuries Christianity contended with a rival cult that, like the faith of Christ, came from the east, had as its central drama a tale of sac...