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Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste - Mind Eraser

From Hazardous Mutation Sweat pours down my face Laying in the strangest place Body aches from constant pain Blurred thoughts fill my brain Legs too sore to even walk Throats dry can't talk A modern day Jekyll and Hyde Throwing up hating life Once again it's taken its hold over me! Once thought as a delicious drink Pounds me till I cannot think I'm hammered in a single blink Patrons look in disbelief While I'm causing major grief By punching people in the teeth Kicking people on the balls Trying to break every law My friend said I jumped through a wall! Rolling round in broken glass Falling down kicking ass Forgotten memories of the past Don't blame me I was just bored Blame it on the drinks That the bartender pored 14 shots some beers as a chaser Then he followed it up with a Mind Eraser Real fucked up's the only way to react Then you run around the street Like you're a maniac It was my only choice It's not my fault Now I'll spend the next day Trying to collect my thoughts


Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation 2006 DVD

Bueno, subo este dvd por que en youtube no lo pude encontrar completo, disfrutenlo !


Official music video - MUNICIPAL WASTE "Repossession" Subscribe to Nuclear Blast: Subscribe to Municipal Waste:

MUNICIPAL WASTE Full Set 8/16/13 [HD]

Live from The A389 Summer Extermination Fest at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD 8/16/13 Filmed by Metal Nick.

Ryan Waste of Municipal Waste Thrashing His Kahler Tremolo

Website: Ryan Waste of Municipal Waste Thrashing His Kahler Tremolo... This is a great video from Ryan as he demos his Kahler bridge...

MUNICIPAL WASTE - 4/19/14 @ Metro, Oakland, CA - TANKCRIMES BRAINSQUEEZE II MUNICIPAL WASTE April 19th, 2014 Oakland, CA @ Metro Operahouse ------------------------------------------------ http...

Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying

lyrics: There's thrashing all around You know the Waste provides he sounds To push the party level all the way to ten The terror starts tonight A drunken out...

Municipal Waste - The Mind Eraser - Live

Municipal Waste perform "The Mind Eraser" as part of their performance at Bloodstock Open Air 2013. The Live Stream of Bloodstock 2013 reached over 1.25milli...

Municipal Waste - Waste 'Em All [Full Album]

Genre : Crossover Thrash Tracks: 1. The Executioner (Intro) 2. Sweet Attack 3. Mutants Of War 4. Knife Fight 5. Drunk As Shit 6. Death Prank 7. Substitute Cr...


Ieperfest 2013, Mainstage.