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My Ruin

My Ruin

My Ruin Biography


My Ruin, a Los Angeles-based hard rock band, was formed in 1999 by lead singer Tairrie B in the wake of her former band Tura Satana, which was previously known as Manhole. Although originally intended as a solo project for her debut album 'Speak and Destroy', My Ruin quickly became a band when she met guitarist and co-songwriter Mick Murphy. The band has been subject to various line-up changes since forming. Their current lineup includes: Tairrie B - Vocals Mick Murphy - Guitar, Bass, Drums Releases: Speak and Destroy (1999, UK release; 2000, US release) (Spitfire/Snapper) A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish (2000) (Spitfire/Snapper) To Britain With Love... and Bruises (2001; only released in the UK) (Live) (Snapper) The Shape Of Things To Come EP (2003) (Century Media) The Horror Of Beauty (2003) (Century Media) The Brutal Language (2005) (Rovena/Undergroove) Throat Full Of Heart (2008) (Rovena/Undergroove) Alive On The Other Side (CD/DVD) (2008) (Rovena/Cargo) Former Members: Chris Lisee - Bass (2005-2009) JD - Drums (2008-2009) Marcelo Palomino - Drums (2008) Matt Lechevalier - Drums (2005-2007) Yael - Drums (2000-2005) Jason Brunk - Bass (2005) Jonny Chow - Bass (2004-2005) Meghan Mattox - Bass (1999-2004) Melanie Makaiwi - Guitar & Bass (on Speak and Destroy) They have a dedicated fanbase, most notably in the UK. Their sound consists of passionate and angry vocals set against heavy metal riffs and beats. Vocalist Tairrie B and Mick Murphy began a side project known as The Lvrs. Mick Murphy has another side project known as Neanderthal.

My Ruin Metal Albums

Alive on the Other Side Thumbnail Image

Limited edition two disc (CD + PAL/Region 0 DVD) digipak pressing of the 2008 live album from former Tura Satana vocalist Tairrie B and mates featuring [...]

To Britain with Love... And Bruises Thumbnail Image

Limited edition UK tour release for goth-metal act featuring pin-up Tairrie B. Features exclusive re-recorded versions of tracks which originally appear on their last two albums, [...]

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